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Tried several times to download after becoming a beta tester but no joy. Link seems to point to nothing. Is this app still active? 

How does Themer determine what categories to populate apps into. Mine basically has the "recently used" and "unknown" categories and that's it.

Why do only 4 themes show up on the web page when I go to themer submissions from the chrome browser?

Amazing theme for side load. At least I think so. So many themes so little time.

Not sure why but regardless of the music source I choose the music art is always the current item in Dogcatcher. Additionally I can play songs using the themer buttons from Google music but tapping the Song will open up dogcatcher rather than Google music. It is the one niggling problem in what is otherwise my favorite app on android. Any ideas?

Just bought the Nexus from Google. I know I could go with the 4.0.4 standard build with Google Wallet from the google devs website. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Just saw the best G+ advert. Muppets hangout + under pressure by Queen. Awesome.

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Aww yeah

Well, I am not crazy. It really was an earthquake. Epicenter about 1.5 hours NW of me. Freaky
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