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Elyse Rinehart
Oiralinde: Eternal Song
Oiralinde: Eternal Song


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Joseph the Ruler
Kaelyn In
Egypt, God helped Joseph understand Pharaoh's dreams. The wonderful Pharaoh made Joseph a ruler. Years later, a famine struck Egypt. They
were the only ones to have food. Joseph’s brothers needed help. The evil brother, when
they figured out i...

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The Joseph
Kaelyn Jacob
had 12 sons. One of them was named Joseph. Joseph got a dazzling coat of many colors and his brothers were jealous. He had a dream he
would rule over his brothers. His brothers got mad and threw him in a
pit. His brothers were bitter. His sl...

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The Battle of Bunker Hill
Sebastian The
Battle of Bunker Hill began on June 16, 1775. Colonel William
Prescott was in charge of the colonists. The angry colonials were instructed to fiercely throw
bombs at the British red coats. [#3] Bravely, Colonel Prescott told
the colonials, ...

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Keepsake Interviews (2017 Edition)
It's time for our annual Back-to-School Interviews!  This is one of my favorite traditions.  I take back-to-school pictures of the kids and ask them a bunch of questions. It is so much fun to look back at their responses over the years and see how they have...

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Child "Tests"
I saw this on Facebook, and it looked like fun, so I had to try it with my three oldest. Child test. No coaching. Just write down exactly what they say. Lol this is quite fun to do!! How old are you? Bash: 10 Kaelyn: 7 Miles: 1 (um.. he is actually 3, but o...

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God Keeps His Promise
by: Kaelyn God told Abraham to count the dazzling  stars. God told Abraham he would have that many children and grandchildren. Abraham and his wife were 100 years old and did not have any children. Abraham was confident  God would keep his promise. And God ...

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The Red Lion
by: Sebastian The Red Lion was the most quick and had the most Firepower. It’s Paladin, who was named Keith, was a great swordsman. In a Galaxy, close to you, Keith was controlling his lion when he got separated from the other lions. He was making futile at...

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The Great Family of Noah
by: Kaelyn After the fierce  rain stopped, Noah waited for a long time. God told Noah to step out. He placed a massive  rainbow in the sky. He promised he won't destroy earth again. Noah was happy he was righteous. His family created a new earth to begin.

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Thin Stix Creativity Pack Review
We love the Thin Stix and wanted more colors so we were excited to receive Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc . to review this time.  My kids love art time, whether it is structured or free. My kids, more often than not, gravitate toward th...

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