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The Special Forces from the Army's 7th Division said they have sighted three camps where boko haram has been hiding the missing girls in the North of Kukawa at the Western corridors of the Lake Chad.

“It has been a most difficult but heroic breakthrough,” one senior military official said in Abuja.

Another senior commander from the Army’s 7th Division, the special military formation created to deal with terrorism in the Northeast supported the claims made by the first commander that they have made a wonderful discovery .

This breakthrough has come at a very integral moment where the Nigerian military has been severely criticised over her inability to recover the abducted girls since their kidnapping a month ago.

The abduction has triggered an international outrage, as the United States, United Kingdom, France and Israel, have provided intelligence and surveillance assistance to Nigeria.

Nigerian military officials coordinating the search and other officials in Abuja said Boko Haram insurgents split the girls into batches and held them at their camps in Madayi, Dogon Chuku and Meri, all around the Sector 3 operational division of the Nigerian military detachment confronting the group’s deadly campaign.

"there is a fourth camp at Kangarwa, also in Borno State" Another source informed News men. That claim could not be independently verified.

“Our team first sighted the girls on April 26 and we have been following their movement with the terrorists ever since,” one of our sources said.

“That’s why we just shake our heads when people insinuate that the military is lethargic in the search for the girls.”

The location of the abducted girls – north east of Kukawa – has no doubt opened a new insight into the logistic orientation of Boko Haram, which recently is accused of bombing Jos, killing not less than 118 people.

Will this discovery mean anything in the rescue of the girls since combatting them may put the girls in harms way? With this information out in public , won't Boko Haram restrategise, and relocate the girls? 
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du fast an save dem bcs if 1 of dem die nigeria presdo owns d blood
Is this true?I don't think because a good and intelligent army cannot go on air like this for strategic reasons...they must have gotten the girls b4 talking on air..
I realy feel for these soldiers...the looks on their face potends pity...
May u walk and never stumble...providence shall guide u...tru this tryin period.
There is evry tendency that the lunatics BH...will restrategise their moves...
May Almighty Allah save every one of our soldiers 
al i hv 2 say z dat presdo z tryin n d armies 2 r tryin buh dey shuld involve me
May the lord give you anew strategy for this mission. 
All nigerian army does is talk and talk like the politician without any corresponding action. We are not asking you to sight the girls but to bring them back home. Msheeew
Hello my people pray of peace of nigerIa. Gud we help us
We don't need noise making, we need action &result
B Lau
Would they have continued to look without so much international pressure?
Can't they bomb the camps with a sleeping agent like they had done in the russian theater?
We nigerian we must join hand together to save aur childreds from this calamity .
God Will Help U Get Those Girls Out In Jesus Name Amen
Now that this story is out the girls can be used as shields and bargaining chips or worse . Why was it nessary to release this article without having thoes poor girls back with their families may god help the brave destroy the devil 
job wal don' put mor efort
may God all mighty lead them successfully through this rescue mission in Jesus name. 
The Almighty God will rescue the abducted girls and bring them to their family and The Almighty God will safe our nation Army amen.
Is not mature of the military to publicized this information rather they should have hidden it and rescue those girls first. 
I agree with Moses Andrew.  But now that the cat is out of the bag, I'm left wondering one thing.  Where is the outrage from the mainstream Muslim community?  Surely, they must feel nothing but contempt for what Boko Haram has done.  It is a pock mark on the face of Islam - and it would have been better if mainstream Muslim troops had gone after them and rescued the girls ... and afterward, subjected the terrorists to mainstream Muslim justice.

May God rescue our girls safely; gard and guide these armies bring them back without casualties. Amen
Do we have intigence dipatment dpt in menytary again?am sory for dis nation.
B Lau
Lots of references to God here.

Why would God let these girls be abducted in the first place?
Morah Up up up nigeria army i know u can do more than that bring them back home and be proud of ur self
Is it true or just another story int he Nigerian tapestry of lies and deceits? Finding the girls is one big step another to find those who finance and abet such crimes against humanity....and go after them and eliminate them.. With so much stolen from the Nigerian treasury there is little money for it and doubtless Mr Goodluck Jonathan will come a calling hat in hand. The answer is for Nigeria to pay for service rendered. No more free lunches while the rulers luxuriate in their massive and on-going thefts.
But for real this kind of information shouldn't be expose to the public. You never know who's reading. Have been saying this on all social networks.
why does nigeria have so many problems please live in peace and get more police
may God help u 2 do more thn u did and bring back de girls.
ka pow
The Nigerian people living in the US seem like a great people, obviously an element in Nigeria needs to be eliminated.
if they are still looking for the girls and they may have found the camps; why is this story here now.?  The peoples right to know is one thing but this is sheer stupidity.
Why go on air disclosing the location and where about of the girls when you have not actually rescued the girls?  This is intelligence failure to say the least because, you do not disclose things of that nature until the mission is accomplished. Professionally, rescuing the girls from their different locations now will be the most challenging job for the foreign JTF. What is required to complete the job, are experts trained on hostage negotiations and counter-terrorism specialists to come in and attempt to bring the abduction to a logical end. Because, if the military attempts to invade the locations immediately, many of the girls would die and the purpose of the rescue mission would have been defeated. The Nigerian military should keep quiet and allow those trained in counter-terrorism to do their job professionally.
god cum and help us in dis country ooo
Incalculable sympathy is had by millions around the world for the people of Nigeria. This senseless violence is as bad as it’s ever been in human history. Rape, riot, terror, vandalism, kidnapping, torture, thievery, child abuse, child rape, murder, child murder, robbery, arson, bombing, home and school invasion, mosque and church invasion, mayhem and destruction is what B’ Haram and its members and supporters are guilty of. They deserve swift and immediate capital punishment — without exception. But of course they first have to be caught, and the mindset of Nigeria’s leaders, with much international support available to them, must be that the end of these crimes should be within days, not months nor years. For the poor folks from Chibok to Kano and Jos, and probably well beyond it seems, deserve immediate protection from these evil, evil villains. The bombings and murders and arsons and pillaging must stop, now. There can be no more excuses for surprise terrorist attacks on citizens. We know that there is a monster out there threatening even Nigeria’s children. No one is reasonably safe. The people are entitled to professional service from their military, each member of which should feel and exude pride and confidence in their jobs and performances which is what is required to beat B’ Haram and other well financed and motivated terrorist groups. That requires mastering the trade of being a soldier by seriously and endlessly training. You can’t be a confident soldier if you and everyone else — especially the enemy — knows you’re not formidable. That’s what breeds confidence in each soldier and in the opinions of the citizens they’ve sworn to protect. If that requires additional dollars for pay incentives and training and equipment, under tight, commonly used quartermaster logistical and accounting controls, then that expenditure has to be paid, the sacrifice made. For what is worst under the present climate is not doing enough to safeguard lives and property from murder, maiming and destruction, which would seem after a while into the continuing period of B Haram’ madness to make more money spent on the military pretty cost worthy. This fight though also requires competency and integrity in the entire officers’ corp as well as up and down the chain of command, which attributes are just as important if not more so than money spent in pay and in training and operational resources. New oaths should be taken, and soul searching done by everyone as to the need and desire to see for once in Nigeria’s history all of the good people throughout the nation, from the cities to the towns, villages and bush, being fully committed as one to securing for themselves a future free from the divisive and brutishly destructive terror of those beasts and other beasts like them. Nigeria is the diamond of Africa and a continental leader who should be esteemed and imitated. Because of Chibok and now Kano and elsewhere, the world is watching, the worst of which is expecting if not caring about your defeat.. Almost all though are with Nigeria. They know the struggles you have come through and are still navigating, such as religion and ethnicity, unity over which divisions will ultimately make you even more united and much stronger as one people and one nation. The honor owed your children, yourselves, your ancestors and Nigeria ……. Think about it.
praying to God for your success, for the freedom and safety of these children. Punish the terrorists!
Hnmmmmn , wt all said and done, notin hide under d sun sha. Nigeria, dangerous and politic. 
May Allah protect our security men out there.
If true,art fast 
If they say so we are waiting hope is not lost
It was a shock 2 hear d well train military revealing their strategy witout achieving their aim. God hlp us through this difficult time
God u are d master planer, nd decision concluder pls God help our country and our solders in dis unrefuseable quest to conquer dis bh in our cou
ntry o
the LORD has ecord u ppl to walk n never stuble.cary on wit ur operation they wnt hut thoz galz cuz if they wil,they wuld hv dn dt lng ago.
The glory of God wil protect u army to enable u to bring those children out frm boko harm..
uge ebi
must we publicize dis effort by our millitary
D enemy might make good use of dis vital info 
+eness fellenz What an inspirational and highly motivational call for unity and service to Nigeria. We are very delighted to have you here contributing splendidly in this forum. Keep it up and we want to see more of this beautiful masterpiece from you.
let them hide but the truth is that they will be fished out that is a surety
it's rly shockin to c d so called intelligent nigerian army go on publicisin der info abt d BH new camp wer d gals re's a shame rly cos wot de ought to do nw is to kip mute evry info n plans on aw to rescue d gals..pls naija armies u nid to b more sensible, its life we re talkin here nt an object so u guys nid to b more careful plssss!
God is worthy to be praise....the military should put in more effort and recover the missing girls. 
Nigeria should stop fulling themselves these are not soldiers they look very hungry I feel sorry them cox they can't do anything ok
The good Lord will see our troops through their mission to get those missing girls secured without any harm
Those bad generals supplying the Boko haram sects ammunitions to fight and kill innocent Nigerians will know no peace till ends of their lives.
Ahhh; dis is very bad; all dis all ar our leader is saying a very big fake; i pray 4 dose poor student; may god guid them: an protect dem 4rm dose wicked; an hamless call boko haram
Some people aint gat a maner of aproch and the are illitrate,you have 2 pray the should come back safe,but you are insulting muslim,woe 2 you dud.
It is rather unfortunate that some people still use this platform to exchange word for war of religions. Instead of us praying for the success of the release of the poor girls. God will help us in this country.
I am not really happy with those who have publicly made known where those girls are because that has authomatically imposed more threat to their live. Nevertherless, i pray that God would save them from being killed or harmed. Finally, i believe if the world power will do what they should, such insurgency would become a nightmare in Nigeria, the gaint of Africa.
I am not really happy with those who have publicly made known where those girls are because that has authomatically imposed more threat to their live. Nevertherless, i pray that God would save them from being killed or harmed. Finally, i believe if the world power will do what they should, such insurgency would become a nightmare in Nigeria, the gaint of Africa.
I am not really happy with those who have publicly made known where those girls are because that has authomatically imposed more threat to their live. Nevertherless, i pray that God would save them from being killed or harmed. Finally, i believe if the world power will do what they should, such insurgency would become a nightmare in Nigeria, the gaint of Africa.
Well done nigeria soldiers for your effort so far,but more effort stil needed with tactical approach,meanwhile not so easy but GOD wll definitely see you guys through.However,mr president should be able to fishout those that are strongly behind these group in high authority,they are there some even with him there in government.GOD BLESS NIGERIA.
May Almighty Allah help our dear Country.
Am not even sure this is true,informations of such nature i believe are only disclosed @ briefing when mission accomplished.
Then what happen? Stories.
Why 9ja cnt mata lik dis secrt and just tak action
Chai there's God in all this rumours ooo
What breakthrough when your informations of secrecy is on the street. Act before you shout when you gather any intelligence
God please save these soldiers because their families too
Let's continue to trust in God for d release of those innocent girls. It is well with dem IJN
Make una no far, baba God don finish de job.
Hm hm hm hm god help nigeria to search those boko haram's peoples in simple and manner.
Hm hm hm hm god help nigeria to search those boko haram's peoples in simple and manner.
Asslama alikum katasilafiya

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go go gooooo Our God is with Uuuuuu
We dont want too much talk please let do something fast.
I will not trusted nigerian govt.
Preposterous and imponderable. How can secret military locations and information that could jeopardise the lives of the girls be so brazenly available in the public domain?
May God help and protect Nigeria, let put this war in the hands of God.
Nigeria is our country, please let keep the peace and unity
Nigerian government may call boko haram to negotiations than making them rebels enough about battle fields 
If only we Nigerians will shun sin nd ask God for mercy I beilive he will surely hv mercy nd fight for us.

Let them go and look for the girls
then y broadcasting it go and get them for us 
Hmmm ! Wat a time in a country ! May God help us
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