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What is trust? Week 1 Day 1
I have received profound healing in my relationship with God through the  Hearts A Fire retreat's written by Fr. Michael Gaitley . 33 Days to Merciful Love is proving to be a beautiful and wonderful book that I believe is a gift to the Church for these time...

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33 Days To Merciful Love
"My power is made perfect in weakness." Jesus Fr. Michael Gaitley has done is again. He has anticipated the movements of the Holy Spirit and given us means by which to suck the marrow out of this year of Mercy.  The year of mercy was declared by Pope Franci...

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On the air live and we are talking about why every family should enthrone their homes and families to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Consecrate their homes and families to the Immaculate Heart of Mary tune in now!!!

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christina king commented on a post on Blogger.
I think perhaps Burke is being moved to protect him, prevent his life being in danger.  I think the Pope is bringing out the Cardinals and 
Bishops that are heretics.  I believe he gave them a long rope to hang themselves, let them believe they could speak "freely" and now he is publishing their votes along with their positions for all the world to see. I believe he may be exposing them and if there is a schism it is expose who is for the Church and its true teachings and who are against it.  I cannot wait to see the votes (which he has been said to be making public). I will reiterate; I believe he is removing Burke because I believe it is to protect him.  Remember, Pope Benedict's life was threatened, there was a "plot" said to assassinate him exposed.  Then his own secretary came forward and leaked documents which the secretary said was to protect the Pope.  Then, Benedict resigned, perhaps because he also understood that there is something rotten in denmark...or Rome and it is not our Holy Father.  

We need to trust a little more that our Pope may have been trying to let the world know where these Bishops and Cardinal's stand, kinda like politicians.  I believe it is the corrupt ones that are manipulating the press to make it look like the Pope is the bad one to cover their butts cause they are now being exposed.  Think about it, the Pope invites the most liberal guy to open the synod. Great tactic to get all the heretics to think they can now allow themselves to be seen and expose themselves cause now is their time to get their way.

Then he says it will be private and not publicize the conversations.  Now they are thinking, "Great! I can say all the heresy out loud I want and the world won't know and I can deny or spin any persons accounts to protect myself should my name be associated with it. Then, the Holy Father says he is going to have the words printed in an exact way in which they voted, then publish the votes! Its not that he is accepting or perpetuating their heresy he is only allowing it to be printed with their names so we all know where they stand.

 I believe Burke is target and always will be because he is so beloved.  I also believe that the Holy Spirit may be protecting and preparing him for some future event in which he will be made Pope.  What we should be doing is to be praying for Pope Francis because if I am right, they will go after him and hard. Pray for Pope Francis to be protected and to be led by the Holy Spirit but at the same time, imagine he is actually on our side instead of thinking the worst.  The media is a bunch of liars that spin the truth to serve themselves. 

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Do you want to talk to someone who has been reporting on the Synod that is in Rome right now? Listen live at 10am central (45 min) as we dissect what has been going on at the Synod and ask your own questions by calling in at our toll free number (or post them here and I will ask on the air) 

My guest is John Allen Jr who was with National Catholic Reporter for 16 years and is now a reporter with the Globe. 

toll free number is 866-333-6279
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Want to be healed? need deliverance? Read on the calvary is coming...

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We Are The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead is set to start it’s
5 th season on Sunday.   Interestingly we are all interested in these
Zombie movies lately.   It’s either a
zombie apocalypse or it’s an outbreak of illness that creates zombies.   It is as if Hollywood can see what so ...

Do you know what the Holy Father's Intentions are for October 2015? Do you know what his message is for World Mission Day this year? IF not tune in right now either by radio or your Radio Maria APP or live streaming at

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