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Paul Onwueme
Internet Marketer, Blogger and Small business enthusiast
Internet Marketer, Blogger and Small business enthusiast

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15 Great Businesses Nigerian Women Can start and run from Home
Nigerian women especially housewives can start and
successfully run a few businesses from home whether part time or full time. Many
Nigerian housewives, unemployed single women and even working married women
have a desire to earn more income whether part ti...

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Which is a more lucrative business to do in Nigeria – A supermarket or a fast food restaurant?
This blog post asks this question because of the strategic
nature investors and entrepreneurs seek out business and investment
opportunities in Nigeria. There are many business opportunities one could look
at in Nigeria but as I stated some months ago I’ll ...

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How Lucrative is a Shawarma Spot Business in Nigeria?
The business of selling shawarma is a lifestyle venture and
can also be called a branch of hospitality. The main customers are people who
want to relax and have a good time and hence view shawarma as a snack or a
light meal you take in between meals. It is ...

Learn how to make money from home in Nigeria in this simple article

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10 reasons why you should go into exportation business in Nigeria in 2017
Exportation business in Nigeria is going to be even more
lucrative in 2017 than in the previous year and this is because the Nigerian
federal government’s budget of 2017 is designed to position exportation commodities
and encouraging local production of mad...

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How to start a Retail Pharmacy Store in Nigeria
A retail pharmacy shop is a place where you can buy genuine (because we are talking about the peculiar Nigerian environment) drugs and other health based products approved by NAFDAC as safe for public use and available for sale. There is a huge money making...

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Is it advisable to invest in manufacturing in Nigeria for 2017 or to venture into trade?
The year 2016 has been one of the worst economically in the
history of Nigeria, first came devaluation of the Naira due to scarcity of
dollars for importers, there has been spiraling inflation of over 18% and a
liquidity squeeze (partly due to non-performin...

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5 Services a Business Plan Consultant can render to a Nigerian business owner
A business plan consultant in the strictest definition is
anyone who can help you writer a professionally sound business plan or help you
improve on one you are currently writing or have already written or even advise
you on how to best approach your target...

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Nigerian Business Opportunities: Review of Car Wash versus Barbing Salon Businesses in Nigerian Cities
This is the first in a series of articles I will be doing in
the coming weeks at least one of this type of article will be written every
month where I’ll compare two businesses side by side and write about their
similarities, differences, opportunities and ...

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What are the differences between a business Plan and a feasibility Study that Nigerian Business owners should know about?
A business plan and a feasibility study are not the same
thing although quite often people assume they mean the same thing. From my
experience in writing business plans and feasibility studies people oftentimes
think they mean the same thing. While they hav...
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