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Referrals, Then and Now
The world of referrals has changed a lot over the years. In the past, savvy businesses could convince customers to visit the company web and drop in the names, emails and phone numbers of friends they thought would benefit from a service or product. Coupled with an attractive incentive, customers would sometimes even take the time needed to refer 10 or even 20 friends.

In fact, that’s exactly how we started our business well over 15 years ago. Our company was built on an ability to design and successfully implement what we call “web-based manual input” referral programs. Our clients would provide incentives to their customers and we worked to turn them into motivated brand ambassadors who would scour their personal contact lists for relevant referrals and enter the information into a web form that captured the information in a database for follow-up.

That was then. Read more here: 

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