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New advertising idea. Mannequin selling watches. It got everyone's attention.

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New allegations against Herman Cain

+Herman Cain has told CNN that a new accuser is coming forward. Cain says the woman will say they had an affair.

He says that he won't drop out of the race.

"I'm more worried this is going to hurt my wife and my family than my campaign," Herman Cain says. He says it's a baseless claim, like the other two, adding "I can take the lumps, I expected this kind of stuff when I ran for President."

+FOX 5 Atlanta says they have information about about "new, local allegations" against Herman Cain. They will air an exclusive interview tonight at 6 p.m. A promo is available here: (Thanks for the tip, +Doug Tyrrell)

This post will be updated shortly.

Photo: Herman Cain, Oct. 28, 2011 (+The Associated Press/Dave Martin)

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Now that Google + allows branding, I am changing my page from "me" to a page for my Fox Business and Fox Radio shows. I hope you will join me at my new Google + page, which is Tom Sullivan Show.

If Greek citizens turn down the European bailout, the Greek government will collapse without funds to pay their obligations.
MF Global filed for bankruptcy because they bet on a government bailout of Greece and European banks.
In both cases it is tough love but finally Moral Hazard will rise from the ashes. Take your risks but if you lose, you go under. Hurray, a great day for the Moral Hazard rule.
The Greek citizens will vote in January to accept austerity (cuts in pay, pensions, govt services, etc.) and get a bailout from Europe. Or, they will reject it and collapse their government.
How would you vote?

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She certainly has a right to remain silent, but it would sure help Mr. Cain to be seen with Mrs. Cain at his side right about now. She was there when he announced in May

Herman Cain: Legal settlements are done to avoid costly legal fees. Tort reform is needed. "Loser pays" would clean up false claims. False claims hurt the real victims. Don't know if Cain did anything wrong. Will more women come forward? If so, there is a pattern. If none since two women 15 years ago, why not? I withhold judgment until more is known.

It is a cold and rainy night in NYC. I wonder how the OWS crowd is doing? They won't share the money donated to them with other OWS cities. They are concerned about the homeless eating their food so they are serving only brown rice, hoping the homeless will go away. The "real protestors" are the only ones suffering. They are unhappy since they used to get good food. The homeless are happy because it is warm food. Do you see the problem? They have more than others but won't share! Gee, sounds like someone should protest the protest.

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Herman Cain has a web ad that is causing his opponents to call it (and him) bizarre. That he is not ready to be POTUS. I don't know. It once again has given him an abundance of attention.
Herman Cain Thank You For Smoking Campaign Ad. (Hilarious)

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(VIDEO) What do you make of Herman Cain's bizarre ad? Do you agree with Cain critics like Karl Rove who say he has 'peaked'? In case you missed it ...
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