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Colin Waldock
A commited Christian, Husband, father and Local Preacher
A commited Christian, Husband, father and Local Preacher

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Trust in God, Trust also in me
not let your hearts be troubled, believe in God, believe also in me (NRSV) John
14:1, that’s is how today’s reading starts. This
is a tough reading to get to grips with, it’s often a reading that is read at
funerals, as I guess it seems to offer comfort ...

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commitment, ours and Gods.....
What does Baptism or Christening mean to you?   What has happened this morning for Caitlyn
and her family and friends.   I wonder if
there is anything that related to what we remember of Jesus on Palm
Sunday.   Let’s investigate a little
together. First som...

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Sin and Forgiveness
What do
we mean by SIN?   (invite suggestions) What do
we mean by forgiveness? In my
childhood, I was raised in the Catholic Church and as such confession was a
regular occurrence.   Most of the time I
didn’t really know what to say, so offered a measly col...

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What to you hear when you read the Bible?
you read the Bible, what do you hear?   Do
you hear the words of an angry and jealous God in what we call the Old
Testament?   Do you hear a God biding his
time until a day of Wrath and Judgement? Does
God seem different to you, in our so-called New Te...

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The Magi
on Matthew 2:1-12, a meditation on the Magi in the form of a poem.   Legend has it that there were 3 Magi, we
traditionally think of them as Kings and Cologne Cathedral has a reliquary that
purports to contain bones of them.   We
even have given them ...

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T'was the week before Christmas
Readings:   Isaiah 7:10-17; Matthew 1:18-25 It’s
one week to go until Christmas.    In the
words of Corporal Jones; Don’t Panic!! In
the last minute rush when we suddenly get a card or a present from someone we
haven’t provided for, or when we might be forc...

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The God of surprises
We have considered this morning already that God
might well be a God of surprises, and that we have to keep our wits about us. Sometimes surprises by the way can come in the
weirdest manner.   Only last Saturday, we
went to the supermarket in the morning an...

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Do this is remembrance of me
Message   13 November 2016 A message for Remembrance Sunday - What is Remembrance about?  My English thesaurus offers the
following concerning the word Remembrance.   Recollection, reminiscence, retrospection, keepsake, consideration,
regard and thought amo...
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