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I need to copy 31k lines out of our online inventory portal into Excel. So far I have just managed to crash both programs. Any easy way to do this?

Anyone know where I can a Windows 7 home premium 64 bit ISO. Laptop took a crap and cannot repair. I have a good license key, just need an ISO and not been able to find one.

So something I have been thinking about. I went to school at 18 to be a teacher. I was nowhere near ready for college and ended up dropping out. I went back to school at 36 and I have a bachelors degree in information technology. Does anyone know what I would have to do to get certified to teach computer classes? I have been researching but still not sure. 

Anyone ever had a manager that just made you want to leave IT completely?

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Pretty good deal. 79 for tablet and a 25 dollar gift card.  Might be fun to play with Windows 8 on a tablet.

I really got to find a job with better hours. This working day shift 4 months out of year sucks, especially with a new born at home. We swap shifts every 4 months and our shifts start at 6:30 am, 2pm, and 6:30 PM. It is only 4 days a week but still gets old not getting to see the family much 8 months out of the year

So I am looking for a multi tool for work. Something like a Leatherman. The only catch is it cannot have a knife on it. We aren't allowed to bring a knife in the plant and have to go through search and metal detectors on the way out. Any suggestions?

2009 JKU 50k miles.  When I put it in 4 wheel drive I am getting a kind of grinding sound. It only does it under load. 
I am not sure if it is the transfer case or a u joint. I am not the most mechanically inclined owner out there and any advice on where to start would be appreciated.

Ok.. screw this.. this ticket is staying a sev 2 until I get some help here.  

Windows 7 enterprise edition. Zebra gx430t printers. About once a month I find a printer that will not uninstall. No matter how many times in uninstall, reboot, unplug, uninstall, reboot, uninstall, the reinstall comes up as copy 1 and will not work. Anyone else run into this problem from time to time?
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