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BiOrb 105L Aquarium
The latest biOrb 105L aquarium was introduced at a prestigious US trade show for the pet industry in Orlando, Florida. Designed by UK-based Reef One, the biOrb 105 gained 2nd place in the Aquatics Bes...
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While very informative and certainly useful to those who might want to purchase, this is not an impartial review as the author is also a dealer.

Do you have links from hobbyists using this product?
I hate to be rude but this is not even a review but just a rehash of the specifications. Have you had a chance to fill one of these up? Thank you.
+Keith Snazel Please check out my YouTube channel, PondQuip channel, blog, about section, recommended links and you'll see.

Title is corrected, thanks. :)

Sooo, what do you think about 105L?

Review style. :)
And please, don't start about the scratches again. :)
Well I spent some time to find real reviews about this tank and the Biorb system in general. Not so good. Sorry.
this biorb 105 is not something an experienced hobbyist (like yourself) would choose because it can be seen as a toy, not having a powerful filtration system like a bigger aquarium. Uneducated people will overstock their tanks like that terrible video with the yellow water (still one of the only videos of this tank online). If people use this aquarium correctly there won't be a problem. It offers a unique shape which nothing else can offer, which gives people the choice. Provided it is used correctly with a small amount if fish it is a good beginners aquarium as it has everything you need to get set up included.
Well I haven't seen that video so I can't comment.

Frankly it was rather difficult to find reviews of the Biorb system of any sort until I went to Amazon. What was often mentioned was the documentation was very poor and should be ignored. The included filter was the same size as the 15L model and was deemed very under powered.

I understand this not a tank for experienced hobbyists and is aimed at the newbie which is exactly why I don't like it. If a newbie followed the instructions and stocked it as illustrated on the packaging they are bound to fail which is just awful. Someone with experience would know to up the filter and cycle properly and stock accordingly but a new user wouldn't and they would fail and lose a significant amount of money.

Best the money was spent on a proper tank. The new user would be more likely to succeed and save a ton of coin in the process.
The porous rocky media that is lines the bottom section would probably be your main filter. The bubble filter wouldn't do much, still, it's a larger volume of water and therefore less prone to chemical fluctuation than the 30L ones that are incredibly popular.