BiOrb Fish Tanks - BiOrb Life 30L, 45L and 60L

Biorb fish tanks can make your home or office, fully inspired and brightened, by the unique style and creative design of these aquariums. My personal favorite collection is the BiOrb Life, available in three different sizes as square style Life 30L and portrait style Life 45L and Life 60L.

BiOrb Life aquarium collection includes the BiOrb’s advanced filtration system keeping the water clean for long time, providing a healthy habitat for fish.

BiOrb Life 30L aquarium – aquarium set dimensions:
Height: 16 inches (41cm), Width: 16 inches (40cm), Depth: 9.5 inches (23cm), Weight (Full): 35kg
Biorb Life 30 Black and a new tank-mate.

BiOrb Life 45L aquarium – aquarium set dimensions:
Height: 23 inches (58cm) Width: 15 inches (38cm), Depth: 10 inches (26cm), Weight (Full): 50kg
Finn, Halfmoon Betta in Biorb Life 45 with friends

BiOrb Life 60L aquarium – aquarium set dimensions:
Height: 25 inches (63cm), Width: 16.5 inches (42cm)), Depth: 11 inches (28cm), Weight (Full): 65kg
60L BiOrb Life with Halfmoon Betta and WCCM's

These fish tanks are suitable as a coldwater aquarium for fantail goldfish, guppies, neon tetras and any other small fish. If you want to keep tropical fish you can simply equipped your fish tank either with the BiOrb heater pack or the BiOrb Intelligent Heater.

The BiOrb Life comes with porous biological filter media which is a perfect living space for the beneficial filtering bacteria covering the three main types of filtration: biological, mechanical and chemical providing better water quality for your fish and less maintenance work for you, because the combined filtration system keeps the water clean and clear and the easy to change filter cartridges which makes maintenance very easy.

All BiOrb Life aquariums have the ultimate flexibility and can be an attractive new home for freshwater (mountain minnows, or fancy goldfish), tropical (wide range of colorful tropical fish such as tetra’s, barb’s or guppies) or saltwater fish (with Marine Conversion Kit you can start keeping wonderful marine creatures such as Clownfish and hermit crabs).

Intelligent LED light which automatically replicates a natural 24 hour light cycle is included. The lights and pump are low voltage and are backed by a 12 month guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass.

With rectangular shape, the problem of your fish being distorted through the curved acrylic, when you look at them, which happens with classic BiOrb fish tanks, is solved. Also, since it is a square fish tank it allows for more surface area, which means more oxygen for your fish, which is always good.

Available in three colours: chilli red, ice white or piano black.

BiOrb Life fish tank set includes:

• BiOrb LIFE 60L aquarium
• 12V Intelligent LED Light
• Ceramic media
• Air stone
• Filter cartridge
• 12v transformer
• Low-voltage air pump
• Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid
• Fish food
• Instructions

Complies with UL, ULC and CE safety requirements.

The BiOrb Life 60L aquarium has everything what you need. Technology, design, functionality and style come together in this amazingly clear, clean and simple, desire-evoking, all-in-one solution.
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