Fluval Edge Aquarium - 3D Water Cube Aquarium

Fluval Edge aquarium is shown for the first time at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida in 2009 and that’s the world's first 3D water cube aquarium. This aquarium can be filled to the glass top, providing nice and high definition view from every angle.

The Fluval Edge 46L aquarium combines cutting edge style and attractive, unique and elegant design and it’s a perfect solution for advanced aquarist hobbyist or relatively novice fish-keeper. If you understand the basic limitations of small aquariums and one of the most unique aspects of the Edge’s design: the glass top, you will be fully satisfied with this piece of “nano” fish tanks family. The hidden glass top allows for the water level to hide above the viewing area of the tank. This creates a clean and elegant floating “water cube” effect and can suite perfectly well and look visually stunning in any room of your home or your office.

For better understanding, check out this Fluval Edge Aquascaping tutorial with George Farmer on YouTube: Fluval Edge Aquascaping tutorial with George Farmer

If you position your tank at a lower level you can view the stunning effect of your fish collection from above with no equipment or wires visible.

This “nano” aquarium set comes with a hang on filter & pump. Box contains: Aquarium, low voltage LED light, Built in Aquaclear Filter(PF1), 1 x bottle Nutrafin Cycle (beneficial bacteria), 1 x bottle Nutrafin Aquaplus (tap water conditioner and User Guide). Dimensions of fish tank are 43cm w x 26cm d x 44.8cm h and total height including light hood is 59.4cm. The basic color is black and white is available at request.

The Fluval Edge filter is the world's best selling filter at the moment. Equipped with a 3 stage process ensures a clean and healthy environment for your fishes. The first mechanical stage is a foam filter which traps any particles and debris. The second chemical stage is a carbon inserts to absorb impurities and any discoloration. The third biological stage filter is a Biomax insert which helps the growth of friendly bacteria.

For this aquarium you have to choose fish which are suitable for a fish tank of this size.
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