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The potential
for fake news to turn viral using social media is quite real. There have been
several instances where rumors have incited mob violence between rival
communities. The consequence got out of hand when illiterate tribals in a remote
Indian distri...

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ETCISO a mobile app for Security News in India from the Economic Times
Keeping updated with security news just got simpler with the new ETCISO app. There is a mix of Indian and Global news on security.

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What is Data Privacy and why is it an important issue?
The question of
whether privacy is a fundamental right is being argued before the honorable
Supreme Court of India. It is a topic to which a young India is waking up too.
Privacy is often equated with Liberty, and young Indians wants adequate
protection to ...

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Looking for love on Matrimonial Sites! Watch out for the Fraudsters
On Oct 2014, I
wrote a blog titled “ Conmen
use fake matrimonial profiles to scam prospective grooms seeking arranged
marriages” warning cyber citizens on matrimonial scams. Unfortunately,
since then it appears that these scams have become common and lucrat...

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LuciusonSecurity ranked among the Top 100 Information Security Blogs for Data Security Professionals
LuciusonSecurity is privileged to be chosen as one of the  Top 100 Information Security Blogs for Data Security Professionals  in 2017 by

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Disgruntled Driver asks Share Ride Cab Company OLA to Pay Ransom for Kidnapped Passenger
A doctor called a shared ride cab to drive him to the private hospital
where he worked. The shared ride arrived on time, but instead of taking the
doctor to his destination, the driver threatened the doctor and kidnapped
him.  The OLA cab driver, in turn po...

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Four Easy Ways that make Cybercrooks Billions ! With money you hand them!!!!

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Twelve Commandments that will never fail to Keep You Cyber Safe Online
As the digital
world explodes with a variety of new online services, cyber threats have become more
ingenuous, dangerous, and spawned multiple variants and types. As
each new threat makes the headline, the accompanying set of threat specific security

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Are my password freely available on the Internet? Four actions that can minimize damage
Frequently we
hear of large data breaches from email, social networking, news and other types
of websites which we are members off. 
Many of us may have been challenged by the site owner to change our
password when the site suffered a breach and would even ...

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Catching IRS fraudsters proves the scale and profitability of impersonation cons
Fraudsters who posed as IRS officials threatened
hardworking Americans with imprisonments for the crime of tax default. Their
modus operandi was simple; question victims about defaulting on their tax
payments, threaten legal action, arrest, deportation or s...
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