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Elsie Button
Swapping London living for the countryside - tales of family life in rural Herefordshire
Swapping London living for the countryside - tales of family life in rural Herefordshire

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Worlds apart: From one mum to another, on Dunkirk refugee camp
I am sitting on the floor of a small wooden hut in the new Dunkirk refugee camp with a young mum called Runa.  She is a midwife, in her early twenties.  We’re drinking sweet black tea and eating bread that she made that morning. I am in awe of this lady, wh...

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Refugee camps, Dunkirk - slideshow
I have just returned from a week in Dunkirk, visiting the old recently abandoned camp 'the jungle' and the new camp, which is developing at a phenomenal rate.  During my time there, I watched the school being built, as well as the adult education centre, ki...

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I have made a short slideshow of my recent portrait and reportage work - please take a look! :) 

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My new venture! Portraits and reportage...
This blog has been neglected during the last year or so.  This is because I have been concentrating on my new and exciting venture. As well as writing, I have always been passionate about photography. So about a year ago I launched my new business Billie Ch...

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A car-phobic’s review of the new Ford C-Max
Crashing the new Ford C-Max As a person who views a car as a necessary evil - tons of flying metal that people are lucky to get out of alive - I was puzzled about my invitation to test-drive Ford’s new family car, the C-Max. But I was prepared to give it a ...

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My sat nav is a bastard
Our road trip through France: After the sat nav playing some sort of sick joke (having already been on the road for seven hours) then for the final leg of the journey taking us for 50km through single track, crumbling, hairpin mountain roads that were seven...

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Our day at Conkers (photos)
We have just had a great day at Conkers , which is situated in the National Forest in Derbyshire (they are planning to plant 30 million trees...). We had a bushcraft session which involved making shelters, building fires, and toasting marshmallows.   We the...

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You don't have to be mad to work here
I recently had an interview with one of the world's biggest
employers.  It was my first ever
interview experience (excluding the BBC) with the public sector. Before I entered the reception area of the offices situated on
the outskirts of town, I was optimis...

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The unflappable chicken
An extract from Pecky's portfolio (note the loomband) Life in the Button household very much revolves around chickens, either because Betty is giving Pecky a cuddle, or Tom is trying to balance Ethel on a rake, or because they are breaking my leg etc.  For ...

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Quiet kitchen
Coleslaw was quite a big part of my upbringing. Admittedly though, it wasn’t until I became a little more mature, that I began to really appreciate the raw shredded cabbage and onion combo that my mum had been producing throughout my childhood. In fact, I ...
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