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A few shots from last week's trip to College Station. Absolutely love TAMU.
Had a great time at +Texas A&M University for the Aggie Mom's Boutique during Ring Day and Parent's Weekend. 

#whoop   #tamu  
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Demian Dellinger

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So this guy went from a flip phone to the LG Flex. He said he walked in to the store and said give me the latest and greatest.

The man's mind was blown. I must say it is actually a pretty sharp phone in person.

+LG Electronics #lgflex 
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Demian Dellinger

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From my early morning Shipley's Do-nut run. I love you Krispy Kreme but when in Houston.

#houston #nom
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Yes they are +Demian Dellinger :-) We have them here in the Dallas Metroplex but they're in the sub cities.
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Demian Dellinger

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Besides, steering with horns would be loud. 
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Listening to +AllAboutAndroid and I have a Heartbleed question: Why is only Jellybean 4.1.1 vulnerable and not 4.1.2? 

(I am seeing conflicting accounts online as to whether 4.1.2 is vulnerable or not).

If 4.1.2 is not vulnerable, what did Google change in Android to make 4.1.2 (and all versions to follow) not vulnerable? 

To ask another question, did Google know about the vulnerability back in 2012 and fix it or was it just an innocuous and innocent unrelated update that fixed it?

+Gina Trapani +Ron Richards +Jason Howell +Leo Laporte 

I'm not a developer so code is not my thing. Wikipedia list the only changes between 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 as:

- Lock/home screen rotation support for the Nexus 7[98]
- One-finger gestures to expand/collapse notifications[99]
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

No documentation/citation on the "Bug fixes and performance enhancements."
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heartbleed's problem lies in the use of a specific openSSL code library version... 4.1.1 would have contained that version while 4.1.2 not.
this update would not have merited a separate line item and would have fallen under "bug fixes and performance enhancements"
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Very interesting +Texas A&M University and +Game of Thrones connection.

"George R.R. Martin, the author of "A Game of Thrones," whose works have been housed in a campus library for more than two decades - even before he wrote the book that spawned a burgeoning cultural phenomenon. The debut of the fourth season of HBO's TV adaptation last Sunday drew 6.6 million viewers.

Martin, who calls himself a pack rat, regularly sends copies of just about everything he's written, produced or been given, from games and calendars based on the series to replica swords and war hammers, to Texas A&M University's Cushing Memorial Library and Archives. "

#gameofthrones   #georgerrmartin   #aggies  +Houston Chronicle 
<p>COLLEGE STATION - Texas A&M University is famous for traditions - mostly involving athletics and the military. But decades before Johnny Football ever riled up Aggie fans, a different breed of enthusiasts convened in College Station for AggieCon, one of the largest gatherings of science fiction and fantasy fans in the state. That tradition bound to the university another, less likely cult figure: George R.R. Martin, the author of "A Game of T...
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Demian Dellinger

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Off the bucket list, a picture with Reveille.

+Texas A&M University #gigem #whoop 
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Foursquare in Alabama. Repost try for +Bobby Situkangpoles

+Mercedes-Benz USA
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+Demian Dellinger Man that's awesome! 
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Always drive straight through these "zombie checkpoints."

#itsatrap #zombies #foursquare
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If I added/circled, you are either local to North Carolina and/or into tech, art, photography, and/or some other area of interest to me.

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