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LuAnn Hunt
A passionate photographer & grandmother of 4!
A passionate photographer & grandmother of 4!

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All my Google+ acquaintances and friends, could you please vote for my LOVE sign, etc. if you're on Guru? I am in 2nd place and need about 100 votes to overtake the lead. I was in the lead till about a week ago. :-)

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no photoshopping... just b&w and contrast

Warning: if I don't know you or are connected via college, etc, or you don't have any thing on your public profile to see, I will block you. So, please don't add me to your circles.

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Thank you... after saving Sweet Briar, this will need to be rewritten slightly. :-)

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Saving Sweet Briar College
In September of 1985, I was a freshman at Sweet Briar College (SBC).  I was not the "average" student, as I had been out of high school for 10 years, was married with two young children (5 & 8 yrs old at the time). My husband worked at a factory that made i...

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4-10 miler Sept 2014
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Sometimes my early morning view is just amazing!
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