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Graham Davis
Tokyo - Yakushima - Berlin
Tokyo - Yakushima - Berlin

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Here`s a chance to read a new translation of a short article by one of Germany`s greatest journalists - Egon Erwin Kisch. The article dates from 1923, and is about an event which still takes place - the Berlin Six Day Race, for indoor cycling. It is still a great event, and in the hands of a master journalist, the atmosphere, city, and the times, come to life. Weimar Berlin with its hyperinflation and decadence and post WW1 malaise reflected in an article which is still used in journalism schools in Germany today. My translation of Elliptische Tretmuehle. I have to charge because it is still under copyright.

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This is my Ebook! Short and punchy - the original dates from 1923, and was written by a brilliant German journalist called Egon Erwin Kisch. It is about Berlin 6 Day Race; it is about the event, the riders, and the people who watched it. The event is brutal; the crowd need their escape from the horrors of their own lives and find amusement in the relentless efforts of riders whose physical condition is sacrificed in the name of entertainment. 
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