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I found this video on youtube long time ago now - Enjoy
Hummingbirds .I gifed it down for you with a program called Fraps 99 +Janet HAL
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:-) May we be so still that God fills us up. <3
amazingly realistic looking hands.

always nice to include link to original vids when posting gifs from them.
Yes it is so beautiful. Gods creation. I love sharing the beauty of our nature.
hummingbirds are very territorial. very unusual to see them feeding in a group like this
Hi Janet, you always have such beautiful pictures!
How can you send this to Facebook on my history?
I'm still in New PC! Can you help me?
Greetings from Amalie + Sigi <3
Hello +amalie pingert I am so happy you like my shares. I wish I could help you to put my shares on FB but I think that FB do not accept animations and gifs ( images that moves). That is the problem with FB. Thank you again. It warmens my heart. Kisssssssssssss
Yes, I also love birds and feed them through the cold winter. I would love to see Humming birds in real life. Kissssss
Thank you +amalie pingert ! I will share more youtube when i get more time. I hav no time to gif them now. God moooorning!!! Kissssssss
Janet , i have a lot of time ! I'm retired ! I love you for your pictures ! Regards , Amelia <3 <3
+ Janet HAL this is absolutely fabulous!!!!!
wow, they are really ..drinking ..the.. Kool- Aid..
+Farzana Shan because you have blocked me - I will give you an answer of an animation process here. I find a clip on youtube that i think every one will enjoy. Then I use a program that is fraps 99, you can also download it if you want to start animating. Then I learn the program and how to use it. Then i shortend the vido to a part I think people will enjoy and convert again. I feel that I have no energy to fight you. I just want to get peace. I hope and think you get peace with this answer.
Ps. I have a link to the youtube video so you can see the whole fun video.
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