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Our fantastic world and nature and // // Janet
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This is quite a famous picture....thanks!
I understand that people like this. Thank guys!:-)
Nice one Janet,I always get all those nice pics posted by u.I don't know who u r n where u from,n not a single hint from u.In the meantime my G+ page is filled w your Pics,everytime I open it.I have no time to learn about this Daaaaaaaamn G+ page n the activities going on here.Sooner or later I gonna get rid of all these circles!!!!!!!!
I am so glad you enjoy our beautiful nature trough images - just the way I do so. Yes G+ is very hard to understand. I dont understand all but I just continue to be here and share things that I think is beautiful or fubby. Have a nice day!:-)
Aslm alkm hay wat 's
Great picture .. Tetons & the Snake River in Wyo. I know this place well :))
Wat's up way ymared lm no
Color can create the illusion of depth. The sunset was a stunning spectacle. I like it , thanks for author . Good luck :)
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