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Pet Safety This Halloween
Halloween ushers in its own brand of awesomeness in the form of pumpkins, candy, and costumes. Spider webs and creepy decorations set the stage for ghost stories and trick-or-treating. But holiday fun for humans can translate into hazards for pets. Halloween is the busiest time of year for the Pet Poison Helpline because companion animals often accidentally ingest Halloween candy or décor. Check out the following tips to help keep your furry friends safe and happy this Halloween season:
Keep your animals inside around Halloween and away from the front door during trick-or-treating. Animals can become excited or threatened by visitors, so keep them in a separate and enclosed room where they can remain calm—this also eliminates the risk that they will escape. Don’t leave dogs in the yard because they can escape or be subjected to torment by passersby. As an added precaution, make sure that your animal companions wear identification at all times. And if you’re going trick-or-treating, don’t take your animals with you.
Although all cats should be indoor cats, this is even more important during the month of October—especially if you have a black cat. Black cats are often associated with dark forces and are an easy target for Halloween pranksters who commit violent acts against unsuspecting kitties.
Decorations pose a threat to dogs, cats, and other animals. Keep your animal companions away from jack-o-lanterns, candles, balloons, or other decorations that they could ingest, become tangled in, or be injured by.
One of the biggest hazards to four-legged friends during Halloween is candy. Keep candy in secure containers and in an area that your animal companions cannot gain access to. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and sugary candy can lead to pancreatitis. Raisins, certain nuts, and xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in some gums and candies) can also be poisonous to furry friends. Plus, animals don’t remove the wrappers from candy and may try to eat discarded wrappers—ingesting these wrappers can cause choking or life-threatening bowel obstruction.
If you think your animal companion has ingested something, symptoms to watch for include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, not defecating or straining to defecate, agitation, increased thirst, an elevated heart rate, and in severe cases, seizures. Contact us or the Pet Poison Helpline immediately.
Do not hesitate to contact us or the 24-hour Pet Poison Helpline immediately at 1-800-213-6680 if you suspect that your animal companion has ingested something or might be injured.
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Does My Senior Pet Need Bloodwork?

Here’s a quick explanation on why it’s good to get annual blood tests for your senior (7+ yrs) pet: 

If done consistently, annual blood tests can help a veterinarian track and evaluate the overall condition of a pet’s vital organs and health.  In addition, blood tests can help a veterinarian detect early signs of many serious health conditions such as: kidney disease, diabetes, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, and liver disease.

Senior profiles are more comprehensive and will provide a more thorough evaluation of your pet’s current health.  These panels can also provide a good look into the body’s response to medications and anesthesia.  There are different types of blood tests that can be done, all performing different functions.  A CBC, complete blood cell count, looks for adequate red and white blood cell numbers and checks their present condition.  The chemistry profile looks at various organ enzymes, glucose, proteins, electrolytes, and cholesterol.  Finally, senior panels also look at thyroid function, making sure it is not over or under active.  In addition, your veterinarian may need to check your pet’s urine for signs of disease.

Routine blood work is useful in many applications: to establish a baseline on a healthy pet to compare to later, to help diagnose a pet that is “just not right”, and in geriatric pets.  Speak to your veterinarian today to see if a senior blood panel is right for your furry friend.
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Don’t Lose Your Pet This Summer

Summer is your pet’s favorite time of the year. The grass is green, the water is cool and there is more daylight to enjoy the outdoors. In rural areas it’s easy let your pet roam free without a care, but how do you ensure they always end up back in your arms? Here are a few good ways to help make sure you never lose your furry friend.

1. Pet Tags: The simplest way ensure your pet doesn’t stay lost for long is to add a small tag to their collar that includes the pet’s name and your phone number. If the constant jingling of a tag drives you or your pet crazy, simply have the contact information embroidered directly onto their collar.
2. Microchips: A more advanced solution to pet tags, a microchip about the size of a grain of rice can be embedded under the skin. Animal shelters that scan for these chips successfully deliver pets with microchips back to their families at a 75% rate.
3. GPS Tracking: The latest and greatest in pet reunification. Track your pet from an app on your mobile device to be ever-connected with your animal. As a bonus, you can even use the device as an activity monitor to learn how much exercise your pet is getting. These apps do however come with a monthly fee to maintain location service.

How do you keep your pet from getting lost? Let us know in the comments below.
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Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet.

1. It helps control the pet population. Current estimates show there are 45 times more cats and 15 times more dogs than humans on this planet. Many countries are forced to euthanize or disregard the suffering of these animals within their societies due to the overpopulation.

2. Sterilizing your pet will help them live longer, healthier lives. The average dog will live up to three years longer if sterilized and altered cats can live up to five years longer than their unaltered counterparts. This is because sterilized animals have a much smaller risk of developing a variety of different tumors and cancers.

3. A sterilized pet is a safer pet. Having your pet spayed or neutered decreases their likelihood to roam, therefore reducing the chances of them contracting diseases or getting hurt while roaming. Nearly 85% of dogs hit by cars are not sterilized. 

Still not convinced? Consider these additional benefits. Spayed pets have no heat cycles, and therefore won’t be bothered by males as much. Neutering your pet reduces the risk of spraying and marking and also decreases aggressive behavior. 

Can you think of any other benefits of spaying or neutering your pet? Let us know in the comments below!
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Five Ways Your Pet is Keeping You Healthy

Have you thanked your pet lately? You should. Your pet works hard each day to ensure that you’re physically and mentally strong. Here are some ways the pet in your life is keeping you well.
1.     They get you outside Your pet wants to play outside and they want you to come with. By spending time outdoors, you expose yourself to the calming effects of nature as well as fresh air and the Vitamin D supplied by the sun. Make an effort to get outside with your pet more often this Spring.
2.     They reduce your stress Petting your furry friend releases a hormone called oxytocin which is known for regulating stress and anxiety. Next time you’re feeling stressed, give your pet some love. It’s a win-win. They get attention, and you feel more relaxed.
3.     They reduce isolation Pets can help fill the void of living alone. When no one else is around, a pet will always listen and rarely interrupt. Furthermore, pets are great social icebreakers. Whether playing around in a park or taking a stroll through your neighborhood, a pet is always eager to introduce you to the next person they see.
4.     They make you smile Your pet has a personality of its own and isn’t shy about it. When your pet’s funny antics cause a chuckle, it raises serotonin and dopamine levels, which make you feel calm and joyful.
5.     They keep you moving Playing with your pet keeps you active. On average, pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than non-pet owners. So, next time your pet wants to play, realize they won’t be the only one to receive a benefit.

Can you think of any other ways that your pet is keeping you healthy? Let us know in the comments below!
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Be sure to consider these things before adding a new pet to your family and home:

- Know Your Family - You want to find a new cat or dog that fits your family’s lifestyle and personality.
- Beware of “Free” Pets - Take time to explore the pets at your local animal shelter that are looking for a new home.
- Pet-Proofing Your Home - Make sure you have a safe and spacious environment for your new loved one.
- First Check-up -  Vaccinations, baseline testing, and a clean bill of health are some things you want to start your pet off with.

Learn more about adding a new pet to your family on our blog -
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Is Your Car Too Warm For Your Pet?
Leaving your pet in a car on a hot summer day can put your pet at risk of serious illness or death, even on a day that doesn’t seem that hot to you. Here are a few reasons why your pet should never be left unattended in a vehicle.
- Your car temperature can rise 40 degrees per hour, meaning a 72 degree day can feel like 112 in your car within 60 minutes.
- It’s been shown that rolling down the windows has little effect on the temperature inside your vehicle.
- On warmer days your car can reach temperatures of 120 degrees within minutes.
It’s important to leave your pet at home or in a cooler environment on hot days to avoid heatstroke symptoms including: excessive thirst, heavy panting, lethargy, decreased appetite, rapid heartbeat, fever and vomiting. If your pet shows any signs of overheating, it is imperative to get them cooled off immediately and taken to a veterinarian for additional care.
Do you have any tips to keep your pet safe on hot summer days? Share with us below!
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Do You Understand Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs?

Although your pet may love to eat just about anything you give to them, it’s important to understand that their nutritional needs are different from ours.

The average human needs to consume 2000-2500 calories per day. A small, low-activity dog or average sized cat needs only 200-350 calories per day, while a 70-90 pound dog should consume 1000-2000 calories per day.

Unfortunately, many of our pets eat much more than that on a daily basis. It’s no wonder over a quarter of all cats and dogs are overweight.

Next time you’re about to give your furry friend a handful of human food, consider these guidelines.

1. Dogs should consume a minimum of 18% of their daily calories from protein and 10-15% from fat. 
2. Cats need a minimum of 35-40% of their daily calories from protein and 30% from fat.
3. There is no minimum amount of calories your dog or cat must consume from carbohydrates.
4. Just like humans, dogs and cats are made up of 60-70% water, so it’s vital that they stay hydrated throughout the day. 
5. If you can’t feel your dog or cat's ribs without pressing, chances are they’re overweight. Make an effort to exercise with your pet this summer.

Do you have any additional nutrition tips for pet owners? Let us know in the comments below.
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April Showers Bring May Flowers...and Pet Anxiety?

Storm phobias are a common behavioral problem many pet owners face. Thankfully, there are a couple of solutions that can provide your pet the relief they desire. 

1. Just get through it  - If storms are rare or predictable in your area, or if your pet’s storm anxiety is only minor, try this simple solution.

Place a small crate or cage in a secluded area of your house and drape a rug or heavy blanket over the enclosure to insulate it from the sound and block out any light. Train your pet to use the enclosure as a safe place during storms by guiding them to it with chew treats or toys. Soon your pet will likely start making their way to the safety of the cage every time a storm arises.

If additional support is needed, ask your veterinarian about using benzodiazepines, which can be administered to your pet in anticipation of the storm and help keep them calm.

2. Behavioral Training - Although retraining your pet’s emotional response to thunderstorms can take time, it may be best option. 

Start by playing the sounds of thunderstorms (these can be found on YouTube) over a speaker at a low volume. While the sounds play, sit with your pet offering them their favorite treats as they sit calmly through the noise. Over time, increase the volume until your pet is completely desensitized to the sound.

If you’ve found other solutions to your pet’s storm phobia, let us know in the comments below!
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Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy This Year
With the new year in full swing, it’s time to reexamine how you take care of your pet.  Here are some New Year’s resolutions to follow that will keep your pet healthy and happy in 2015.
Annual Exams aren’t just for Humans Your pet may not show obvious signs of a health problem, so it’s always best to take your pet in for an annual check-up.  Heart problems, arthritis and toothaches are just a few of the problems your pet can develop with no noticeable signs or symptoms.  Get regular exams to reduce their risk.  _It’s the most important way to keep your pet healthy in 2015._
Spay and Neuter Your Pets Millions of pets end up in U.S. shelters each year.  Make sure you don’t add to that number by spaying and neutering your pets.  These procedures can be done as early as six to eight weeks old.  Not only will you be helping maintain the pet population, but you’ll also reduce your pet's risk of certain cancers and decrease the chances they get lost by curtailing their eagerness to roam.
No More Parasites Fleas are a pain; they can cause irritated skin, hot spots, infection and even hair loss.  Fleas also like to invite their friends to the party, introducing other parasites to your cat or dog.  Worse yet, if only one of those fleas get swallowed, it can end in tapeworms.  Don’t give parasites a fighting chance, use year-round prevention with flea and intestinal parasite control as well as heartworm prevention.
Rid the Excess Pounds  Obesity is a big problem for pets. Just like people, obesity puts your pet at a higher risk for developing serious health problems such as diabetes, cancer or arthritis.  Keep your pet fit this year by not overfeeding them. No matter how cute they look when they beg.  
Have Fun  Pets just want to have fun!  Pets need mental stimulation to thrive, just like people.  Take your dog on a walk or give your cat something to chase around.  Keeping your pets at play strengthens not only their muscles, but also their bond with you!
What pet care tips do you have for keeping your pet healthy and happy this year? Let us know in the comments below!
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While the holiday season brings happiness and cheer, we want to help you avoid possible health concerns for your furry friends. Emergency visits to the veterinarian increase during the holidays, often as a result of getting into something they should not. Below are some general tips to enjoy the festivities with your pet this year:

* Properly dispose of bones. Meat bones can easily splinter and cause serious damage to your pet’s gastrointestinal tract. Make sure you have properly disposed of all of the bones and that the garbage is kept out of reach from your curious companions.
* Pets aren’t for stuffing. Too many fatty, seasoned, unfamiliar foods can lead to pancreatitis and gastroenteritis in your pet. These medical conditions can be painful and even life-threatening. If you decide to give your pet a bite of holiday goodies, make sure it is boneless, lean and well-cooked to avoid salmonella bacteria.
* Avoid the sweets, stick with treats. Many desserts prepared during the holidays, contain chocolate and other toxic ingredients to our pets. Give your pets a treat of their own such as a made-for-pet chew bone or a Kong toy.
* Keep out of the kitchen. Be sure to not leave your pet unattended in the kitchen while you are cooking. The yummy smells can be very tempting to your furry friend.
* Eat, drink, and be merry. The holiday season is a fun and busy time of year for us.

Do not forget that your pets need some extra love and care too. Make sure your pet has plenty of food and water during your festivities.
Share your pet safety tips with our community to make sure our pets stay safe this season.
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The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports an estimated 54% or 93 million dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese. And with the holidays around the corner, your pet may be at increased risk for weight gain.
What defines pet obesity?
Answer: The animal is 20% or more than their ideal body weight.

Why is this happening?
* Pet owners are overfeeding their furry loved ones.
* Pet food producers may pack their products with byproducts, fillers, and non-digestible ingredients.
There are special diets that you can order to help kick start weight loss for pets that are obese. Learn more about pet obesity and awareness here:
Loretta Reiswig's profile photo
I would highly recommend Novak veterinarian they so nice to my new dog and so very professional and helpful to answer all my questions and always made my puppy feel safe and cared for. The veterinarian always had a smile from beginning to the end of my appt. And their grommer trimmed my pups bands asking for nothing in return. Have to try them once to see I will never change. Loretta Reiswig
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Our progressive facility and services provide your animals with the latest veterinary medicine, which aids in early detection and the treatment of various diseases. We are continually working towards advancing our medical practices and procedures to ensure your pet receives the most up-to-date treatments possible. Your pets are important family members and we treat them with the same respect and care that they would receive at home. We are committed to raising the standards for veterinary care in Lake Havasu City because we truly care for your pets.
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"Novak's is a great place for animal care and love."
"Your treated one on one, doctor to pet owner, doctor to pet so to speak."
"We Love our Corgi Katie so want only the best care for her."
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Jim Pfennigs
in the last week
Novak Animal care center has cared for our babies (dogs) since we moved to LHC. We spent a week when we first moved here and visited all the animal clinics in town to make our decision on our vet care. Novak is a AAHA accredited hospital in town and that speaks loud and clear to us. We have had MANY medical emergencies and regular visits with our dogs , Dr Christi and Dr Tracy are phenomenal vets and their loving professional care of our dogs goes above and beyond. Their staff is kind and very professional all the time. The clinic is kept spotless, and they are the only veterinarians in LHC that see their emergencies, they do not rotate with other clinics so they know your dogs history. We would not consider using any other veterinary clinic.
• • •
Elisa Garrett
3 months ago
I took my beloved companion to Novak Animal care because I had asked my vet to do a checkup and the person did not even touch her. They just said she looked great. I wanted more. Dr. Innocenti did a senior checkup which included blood work which is what I wanted. I had my dog's teach cleaned and a growth removed from her eyelid. It means the world to me to have the peace of mind to know exactly what is going on with her health. I think my separation anxiety was as bad or worse than my pet's. Dr. Innocenti had a procedure for transferring my pet to the holding area and away from me. It provided comfort to both of us. To the degree it was possible, I felt ok with leaving her. Dr. Innocenti personally called me even before the procedure to let me know that my pet was doing fine and then two more times to keep me posted on her progress. She genuinely cares for her patients, takes time to explain and listen, and understands how important the care she provides is to the client. The young man who was her nurse was just as attentive and caring as she was. I highly recommend Novak Animal care to anyone who wants quality care their animal companions.
• • •
Response from the owner - 3 months ago
Hi Elisa, thank you for sharing your wonderful review. We are delighted to hear you have enjoyed a positive experience with our hospital and staff. Our number one priority is to provide your beloved pet with the best possible veterinary care in a loving and stress-free environment. Dr. Innocenti and the rest of the staff greatly appreciate your encouraging words and your recommendation.
Charlotte Pettite
10 months ago
We Love our Corgi Katie so want only the best care for her. Novak Animal delivers The vets are so well informed and professional. But you can tell they also love animals as they get down on the floor with your pet and put them at ease..Also all prices are explained clearly, no surprises! We have been using Novak's for 5 years and have always been glad they are they are there for us. I would recommend Novak Animal Care Center to any one who love their pets
Response from the owner - 10 months ago
Thank you for the great review and recommendation, Charlotte. We appreciate your loyalty over the past 5 years and look forward to keeping Katie happy and healthy for many more years to come!
Jennifer Tarr
a year ago
Our experience at Novak Animal Care Center was excellent!! Our little "Kitty" was in sad shape with a cancerous growth on her lower lip and growing bigger by the day. The day we walked in to Novak, we met Dr. Innocenti and we were put at total ease. Dr. Innocenti sat down on Kitty's level and made her feel comfortable right away. I knew we were in the right spot. With Dr. Innocenti's technical and surgical skills and patience, along with her tech, Heather, our Kitty was guaranteed to get better!! The patience, the skills, the laser technology and after care given to Kitty was top notch!! First Class is what we would rate the entire Center. The care and the treatment and the one-on-one treatment from the staff is the best there is. Especially the feelings we felt after leaving Kitty for an extended time, we KNEW she would be safe and secure and when we picked her up, we KNEW Kitty was fine because she told us so in so many ways. Our family is forever grateful for the kindness and finesse provided by the office of Novak and the skills provided by Dr. Christi M. was her personality and Heather's that assured us that Kitty was in good hands!! Thank you Dr. I and Heather and Staff for your considerations and kindness and understanding. Love, the Tarr Family and Kitty and Maitai
• • •
Response from the owner - a year ago
Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer! We are delighted to hear we were able to treat your pet and that she is doing well! The qualities you described are things we strive for on a daily basis, so it is a great compliment that we are fulfilling these traits! We enjoy having you as a client and hope to continue providing the best possible care for your furry friend.
Michael Bauerlein's profile photo
Michael Bauerlein
2 months ago
My little girl was attacked by a coyote on 09/09/2015. We brought her home and stayed up all night with her but she was struggling. Went back today.....too much damage to the trachea and throat so we had to let her go. I held her in my arms while the drugs were injected and I felt her spirit leave. She's not suffering anymore now. During this whole process the staff at Novak's was great. They made a tough situation a little easier. They really care....I could see it in their eyes. BeeBee is gone now but what a life we enjoyed with her. Novak's was great....Some names that stick out were Dr. Tracy E. Keppel-Kolb, Heather and Kevin. Everyone was great though. Novak's is a great place for animal care and love.
• • •
Response from the owner - 2 months ago
Thank you for your kind words, Michael. We know all too well how difficult losing a pet can be and are glad to hear that our staff was able to make this process a little easier for you. It has truly been an honor to have been entrusted with your pup’s care. Please know that our thoughts and sympathies are with you.
Kelley Heckart's profile photo
Kelley Heckart
6 months ago
I have been going to Novak since we moved here back in 2001. My pets have always received top care. Doctor Innocenti is my primary vet and she is awesome, so is Dr. Kutil. The staff is friendly too.
Jim Gustav
a year ago
The doctors are very professional, extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to do the absolute best for your pet. They explain everything so you can understand the situation especially the next course of action if needed. Your treated one on one, doctor to pet owner, doctor to pet so to speak. I have complete and total confidence with anything they do. The staff is extremely courteous, caring and compassionate. They too carry a special dedication to put your pet first and foremost. You will see just by calling for an appointment, then walking in.
• • •
Response from the owner - a year ago
Thank you for the kind and supportive review, Jim! We are happy to hear that you had such a great experience with our clinic and staff. As pet lovers and owners ourselves, we understand the special role your pet plays as a member of your family; which is why we treat every pet client with respect and aim to educate you throughout the treatment process. Thank you for being such a wonderful client!
Deborah Deibler's profile photo
Deborah Deibler
a year ago
We have boarded dogs with Novak off and on since 2002. We boarded our two dogs there last week for a few days and we are very pleased with the service. The facilities are clean and the dogs seeed happy and well tended. We will use again when we need them. Staff very professional and knowledgeable.
Response from the owner - a year ago
Thank you for your thoughtful review, Deborah! We are so touched by your kind words and are grateful to have had the opportunity to care for your two dogs. We know how important it is you trust us with the care of your furry friends while you are gone. We appreciate your loyalty as a client and look forward to seeing you and your pups again soon!