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Jason Wohlstadter
Nomadic Music Mogul @ProtonRadio
Nomadic Music Mogul @ProtonRadio

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Nothing like a good old monday morning fire to get the week into gear. Out of bound identification codes, creative scripting, and direct database mass editing… fun times. Didn’t realize until noon it was a holiday.

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Secret Weapons of a Black Belt gMail Ninja: Boomerang

This world class GMail plugin is coming out of beta and entering a freemium model. I couldn't be happier to sign up and support one of my most trusted tools in managing my inbox and keeping up with all your messages responsibly.

This killer app can remind you if people have not responded to your emails, can boomerang emails back to you on certain dates (as reminders, as to-do lists), and can schedule messages to arrive at a key moments -- like when people sit down at their desk in the morning and would love to procrastinate by responding to your message (instead of it being lost in the oblivion of overnight messages).

And my all time guilty pleasure use of the tool -- have an email thread out of control, with your recipient responding too frequently? Use Boomerang to deliver it later, at less optimal hours, to slow down a conversational time suck. My only complaint is there are no references to Zelda. C'mon!

Go get it.

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Elegantly produced, emotionally written. On repeat for days.

Mira Ishome - "Eva"

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Awesome GIF.
Click the photo for a 30 second tour of the last 30 years in music.

MySpace had a big impact on the evolution of music consumption & even the music industry. That was pretty neat for me, because before I was a dotcom nerd, I was a singer in a rock band. Presumably I should have a strong opinion and some insight into the arms race between Spotify, Turntable.FM, RDIO, Rhapsody,, Pandora, Grooveshark, and... did I forget someone? I've thought about giving all these new services a spin, but I really haven't been able to find the time.

Truth is, I've long favored the subscription model for music, and I signed up for Rhapsody years ago (even when, at the time, MySpace offered free access to the same catalog), because Rhapsody was easier & faster than the MySpace web interface. Pandora too. Search & play, that's it. I didn't really care about showing off my playlists, discovering songs from my friends, or any of that "social" music stuff. No doubt that's extremely fun stuff, but if you're busy (which I was), you haven't got time for that. Search & play was just fine.

I'm sure when I hit a slow patch in my life and am looking for a new interest, I'll really dive in and pick my favorite music service. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. Right now, I've got too many other fun things distracting me from the "social" music experience. Anyway, all this was just an excuse to share this really cool .GIF.

Tired, but very happy, after a long day of dealing with time consuming special cases & large scale operations in Proton's label division, both in need of automation/self-service solutions.

As Proton steps forward every day I have an ever-increasing respect, appreciation for tech companies that ship automated/self-servicing products that can scale-- the deepness of understanding, the elegance of a solution must be prolific and heartfelt and complex. And us, as potentially thankful, though ever-demanding consumers... we might be more thoughtful when things don't appear as fully fledged out of the gate.

At the same time, it makes it even easier to comprehend how so many companies fail to understand, acknowledge, and invest in solutions that get the job done, let alone in a way that makes us smile and love them for it. So I'm every day thankful for the many guiding friends, mavens, and institutions that have empowered me to see the way forward-- couldn't imagine doing this alone.

After much procrastination, I'm finally starting to read Jesse Schell's book "Art of Game Design". Chapter 9's section on focus & flow is so startlingly pertinent to artists (players) in our scene (game) it's uncanny. As many hours as I can afford will be spent absorbing this book while I build the new Proton site over the coming year. If you don't know who Jesse Schell is, here's the talk he gave last year at DICE -- one of the best I've seen. He did a follow up at the Long Now more recently, and then at Comicon.




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I see it as a challenge when I hear a track I love in a mix I love. The Ryan Davis interpretation of +Alex Mango's "Asphalt Lines" has been played in countless in sets, but not yet one of mine. As it turns out, it mixes perfectly with a monster of a Moonbeam track.

So melodic techno returns to the Particles radio show this Sunday -- thanks in part to Ryan's prolific contributions to our scene with his *back home and klangwelt labels. The opening and closing act, Gran Cavaliere, will be hitting my Particles music label soon with a remix of Kobana.

4pm ET this Sunday with guest mixes from Stephen J. Kroos (Anjunadeep) and Caustik.

Positively Charged 008
01 Gran Cavaliere - Estima [klangwelt]
02 Mystic - Contact [Particles]
03 Nikko.Z - Down Town [+Lowbit Records]
04 Mode B - Antwerpen (N'to Remix) [*back home]
05 Moonbeam - Multi Fly [Proton Music]
06 Mango - Asphalt Lines (Ryan Davis Interpretation) [Proton Music]
07 Gran Cavalaiere - Maskatriark [klangwelt]

Had a very good week. Wonderful cross-discipline events at Parisoma with leading experts in online community management -- incl Klout, Yammer, and User Voice. Then there was Musi2k as well: a sold out fireside chat with Root Music's J Sider-- the entrepreneur behind Bandpage, the #1 music app on Facebook. Did I say I love coworking?

Highlight though this week was rolling out a new feature for Proton SoundSystem that is, to my knowledge, unprecedented for label managers. Alpha testing now -- Proton managers, email me for a sneak peek!

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Um, has the GMail team not heard of Boomerang?

Didn't know GMail was scriptable in this way though, very cool.

Apple announcing today that the iTunes music store is extending track previews to 90 seconds worldwide, up from 30 seconds, as they recently did in the US and now rolling out internationally. Great news for electronic music -- now just let us browse by label!
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