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Rachel Gough (GsCraftsNthings)
Knitter, crocheter, crafter in general, baker and lover of life!
Knitter, crocheter, crafter in general, baker and lover of life!

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Beaded star edging
Celestarium edging I recently finished the Celestarium shawl. I modified a popular
edging that is used and have charted it. There are 2 charts on the PDF
so that standard or mirror knitters can follow it. Due to the option of
knitting this standard or mi...

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How to use tiger tail wire (Beadalon) to bead knitting
This is my preferred method for placing beads onto knitting. This
is the same method as what people use dental floss, but the wire (found in the
beading/jewelry making section) is stiffer and easier to handle. And
once you have a kink in it you can load ...

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Facebook 101
Wanted to put this in a post because i captured screen shots to help explain things. These are a couple things you can do to customize your feed on Facebook. If you have friends who you don't want to unfriend, but you don't agree with, or find some things t...

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Beef and Guinness stew
Making this tonight and it's pretty good! 5 lb. Stew beef cut into 1 1/2" chunks 1/2 c. All purpous flour Salt & pepper 5 T. Vegtabl oil or suet 3-4 large yellow onions coarsely chopped 1 lb. White mushroom halfed or quartered 2 12 oz. Bottles Guinness Extr...

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One row lace scarf The base of this is co in multiples of: Knit flat - 6+1 In the round - 6 Use a larger needle than called for. This yarn is some hand spun worsted and I'm using a size 9 needle. For one I co 6+5 to create a 3 stitch garter edge. Every row ...

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Drop stitch moebius cowl
Drop stitch moebius cowl "The 80's will never die!"   Fingerling weight/sock yarn. I used: Wild Hare Fiber Studio Hand Dyed Pinnacle Sock Yarn colorway: Neon Lights   My cowl only took about 2/3 the hank. so this does not use much yarn at all! This particul...

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Bubble scarf/cowl
  Yarn: premier yarns "wool-free lace" Needles: size 2 This yarn, though labeled "lace" is more like a sock (fingerling) yarn. This pattern is easily modified for any yarn. The thicker the yarn you use, I recommend doing your sections with less stitches. Us...

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Demystifying the moebius!
I have a couple new moebiuses to post but thought I would post a little trouble shooting and tips post first. When it comes to cowls, the moebius is my preferred shape as it lies flat and you don't have any bunching at the twist. This is regarding the cente...

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Row counters
These are nice counters that you can leave on your needle. You can't accidentally put them on the wrong row and they count to 100. You can also use them to track repeats of 10 rows or less. What you need Chain (closed loops are best. I got mine at Michael's...

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Easy cheap yarn sacks.
I do love my knitted yarn sacks. But let's face it, if I spend all my time knitting cozies for my yarn I won't have as much time to knit/crochet with all the yarn in knitted cozies! So I went to the lingerie section of the store where they sell stockings an...
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