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If your dog has a unique coat, or its coat is being grown for a certain purpose, do not try clipping it on your own. Clippers come in different lengths to deliver the appropriate cut for the coat. After a certain length, the coat needs to be snipped with scissors to achieve the correct effect.

Your dog may or may not enjoy the time spent at a dog groomer, but he or she will appreciate being groomed once it is finished. Imagine a dog with dirty, matted hair, long nails, and crusty eyes. Your dog will feel better and be more friendly and energetic after being groomed.

It’s important to remember that grooming your dog is about more than just aesthetics. Having your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis can actually help improve their health and wellbeing.

Like people, some haircuts work better than others on certain dog breeds. It takes knowledge and experience to match each dog with the ideal cut. Your dog's breed and the condition of his or her coat are necessary to consider during the grooming process.

If your dog "talks" to you through his or her ear movements, you recognize how expressive his ears can be. Care to guess how many muscles dogs have in their ears? That would be 18.

A curry brush is a grooming tool commonly used for dogs such as German Shepherds that shed large amounts of hair. Made from either rubber or plastic, curry brushes have short “teeth” that help loosen dirt and hair from a dog’s skin.

Compared to humans, dogs have especially twisty inner ears. That means it is harder for debris to naturally escape the ear once it gets trapped inside. Taking them for simple cleanings will keep your dogs' ears clean and free from infections.

When you bring your dog for a grooming visit, make sure it is on a leash. No matter how well-behaved your dog may be, it helps cut back on chaos in the event someone else did not use a leash.

A main benefit of professional dog grooming involves parasite control. When your dog’s goat is well groomed, it’s much easier to monitor what’s going on underneath the fun, checking for fleas and other bugs.

Does your dog tend to have chronic issues with their eyes? Getting them groomed regularly could help alleviate the issue if the irritation is being caused by long or unruly hair in their eyes.
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