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Actually every picture have a story behind.Thanks the sharing.
I Watched You Leave

But you never said why
I knew you were going
But I never asked you to stay
I walked back in
And closed my door
The silence surrounding
The stillness of my house
No longer a home

I watched you leave.

Do you use your imagination? Can you see an ordinary situation and think beyond what it really is? I am asked many times if what I write is because of the image or is the image because of what I write. It tends to be I take the image then I sit and look at it for a while, I read what I see and I let the image tell me its story.

This is a much older image, one of those you go back to to see if you can look at it differently :)

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Well maybe something wrong to me or just fine.I have a time when the black-and-white photograph is the most thing i like.
Domino Sugar New Jersey (Infrared Camera)

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cherry whisper?

You exist, this I am sure of with only slightly wavering certainty that vibrates with nothing but the tiny memory of a breeze.

You, a whisper in the night on lips that mouth your name swollen with hope.

You, a whisper that launches forth dreams on the backs of my eyelids.

And I exist too, this I am sure of with quivering certainty that holds steady in the presence of the strongest of wind gusts.

I, the whisper your lips haven't yet come across.

I, the branch that sways in the warm embrace of possibility.

I, the whisper that dances delicately in the night.


New York Photography: White spring blossoms, Central Park.


You can view this post along with information about purchasing prints of this image if you wish at my site here:


Tags: #photography #poetry #poem #prose #centralpark #spring #springtime #nyc #newyorkcity #centralparkspring #trees #flowers #beautiful

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Sure i like painting very much.
Hello all,
This is another new oil painting in progress... NOT DONE YET.

The idea here is to try and paint a figure in shade sitting beside another in sun. It was a great challenge to paint the girl on the right. She is entirely in shadow, making the variation in color and tone really satisfyingly subtle. Well, I hope to wrap it up tomorrow... I will post the results!!!

Best wishes,

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Full of emotions not only the photography but also the word

Is there anything that tugs at nostalgic feelings more than a beautifully faded storefront? Maybe. Maybe not. I love this one in particular though especially on bright, sunny days when it feels as if the sun is imbuing the faded memories on the brick with a warm touch.

This was taken with Instagram. As I mentioned last week, I only started using Instagram a week or so ago and I love it. My name there is newyorklens. You can read about my thoughts on mobile photography and Instagram here: Most of my phone photos are now processed in Snapseed first and then tinkered with in Instagram. I decided I am going to post one phone photography image a week here since I am really having a lot of fun with it!

I received a really bizarre question the other night on Tumblr shortly before I disabled anonymous commenting altogether (why I didn't do that earlier is beyond me). Someone asked me something like “do you use a camera to take your photos or just some app?” saying something else about how my photography has “changed” over time.

I would like to say first: thank you. We can only evolve in skill if we change and grow. My photography is constantly evolving and I feel more and more at peace with the work I am producing recently because it is closer to what I have been trying to achieve in terms of conveying emotion and how I view the world around me. Additionally, every image I ever post here unless it is tagged (like this post) with “phone photography” is taken with a camera.

I approach all of my photography as a mixture of painting with light and tones and I strive with everything in my power to capture the feelings and emotions that are stirred up within myself with certain scenes here in New York City. If you are interested in hearing more about that, I was interviewed a month ago on a photography show hosted by Thomas Hawk and Lotus Carroll and you can read that interview and listen to that broadcast here:


New York Photography: Lower East Side tenement.


You can view this post on my website if you wish here:


Tags: #photography #phoneography #phonephotography #iphoneography #instagram #lowereastside #nyc #newyorkcity #mobilephotography #manhattan

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love the blue sky and the bridge just like a way to heaven
Anybody want to go take a walk on a pier with me? What should we talk about? :)

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Listening to Music at the Edge of the World...

Reminder: Sunday at 3 PM PT, watch me live on This Week in Tech at - see you soon! :)

If you listen to music while you are taking photos, it can really separate you from the scene in time and make everything quite cinematic. In fact, if I am needing inspiration, I usually just put on my earphones and just go out to drive... see what I can see... walk through crowds... find new places... and the music can make you feel like you're in the middle of a movie... and you can start to find little scenes hare and there.

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Beautiful isn't it?
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Hear Ye Oyez

A town crier in full shout announcing the races at Ascot.

In today's technical progress such things are not needed but you can understand how many centuries ago this was the only way you could get information of what was going on. I love the fact we hold onto traditions and it gives us glimpses of a time long gone.

#thewhiterabbit #mikeshaw #mikefshaw
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