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I think this is the final edit of a video I'm working on that is due on "The first week of January." which ends tomorrow. :P

If I can upload a video a week like this, I think I'll be achieving something I've been wanting to do for a while.

Just need to add some music, add some voice over, although, I feel I should probably just add a hello and a good bye.

The other three videos I have planned for the rest of the month will be as follows:
-Uncharted 4 Inspired
-Pokemon #2
-Sora + Goofy + Donald (For Kingdom Hearts 2.8)

I don't know why the pan at the end is so fucking choppy. I may accidentally be exporting at the wrong frame rate, hmm. Will work it out before publishing finished video. 

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Lip Sync Test that I finished recently. Yes, that's my voice. #oscarworthy #cringeworthy #fun

As always, if you feel the need to remind people that there were terrorist attacks before the Brussels one, you are being an asshole. 

If you really want to make your friends and family aware that terrorist attacks happen in what feels almost daily basis around the world, unfortunately you will get the chance to do so very soon. You will also not have a shortage of opportunities to raise awareness for what's left of 2016. 

Except, you are not going to do that because you don't care, you just want to make yourself feel better about yourself. Better than others, that is. 

And that is very opportunistic and shitty. 

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Morning sketches. #art #sketches

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Just some random doodles from this morning. Huggable creatures and monsters from the depths of an imaginary world.

#doodle #art #drawing #monsters #creatures

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My Google Cardboard is about to ship, a fact that actually has me pretty excited. In part because I like the concept of it, this cheap device, made out of highly degradable material, meaning, it can easily break, it is fragile. Yet, it is capable of taking the user to fantastical journeys.

The other part is that I want to play around with creating virtual reality content in the form of videos. Thankfully YouTube makes uploading such content pretty easy and accessible for people like me. And software like Blender allows you to create said videos.

So, 2016, I have a goal. But in the mean time? Time to build a nifty virtual reality playlist on YouTube! :D

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Some rat sketches. I need to start loose next time and tighten up as I go. I enjoy the gestures towards the end. 🐹🐇 

Looking for Rat anatomy for reference on Google Images, I keep getting images of rats opened up with organs showing. I suck @ Googling. 🐹

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No monsters. #doodle   #sketch   #doodle  

Breakfast burritos with cheddar cheese, and a spoon-full of Cherry Garcia for breakfast? Yes, please! 

I'm in heaven!
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