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In about 20 minutes I'll be holding my first virtual office hours for the Summer B session of MCO435 (Social Media). This is the place to check in with any questions about the course, readings, assignments, etc. See you there!

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Adding a new level of intertextuality to movie viewing. 
Fun times.

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If you missed yesterday's panel about hacktivism with Cory Doctorow (and me!), organized by ASU's Center for Science and the Imagination, the video is now posted. (I believe there are some problems with the beginning, but by the second video they're sorted out.)

It was a really great conversation, and soon I've also posted my prep notes if you want to see where I thought the discussion might go (spoiler alert: I was wrong about several things).

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Aside from the need to completely rethink our outmoded copyright laws, and install systemic protections against abuse of the legal code by overly ambitious prosecutors, we also need to address the problem of fundamental ignorance among technology policy makers and those charged with enforcing those policies.

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This whole series is breaking my heart, but the infographics tell a stark story.

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One of the most powerfully thought-provoking pieces on the gun movement I've read. Gun Power, indeed.

Putting the finishing touches on my Social Media class for Spring 2013. It'll be my first time teaching online--I'm not quite sure why, but that somehow feels ironic. 

Post-hoc election analysis in a nutshell, from where I stand: You can't influence behavior in a complex system such as the electorate through narrative alone. There has to be a network to support it.

You might even make a case that a strong network can make up for many sins of a weak narrative, although I'd argue that neither can really do much in a vacuum. (Well, really, neither can exist in a vacuum, since those network ties have to be made up of something, and narratives are also about connecting people and concepts.)

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