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Kristen Gross
Always learning, constantly hungry, perpetually in motion.
Always learning, constantly hungry, perpetually in motion.


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Lyme Disease: A Living Hell
Warning: Ticks Live Here Please join me in welcoming a guest author to the blog! If you ride in North County San Diego, you have probably met Dee Folse--he is one of the friendliest, warmest (and coolest!) riders I've met since moving here, so when he asked...

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BCBR Recap Episode 9: Stage 7, WHISTLER
This is the final report of my BC Bike Race adventure -- catch up with the story so far at the links below!  Bike Mag Coverage! Day 0 - Don't Eat Shit Day 1 - Cumberland Day 2 - Powell River Day 3 - Earl's Cove to Sechelt Day 4 - Sechelt to Langdale  Day 5 ...

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BCBR Recap Episode 8: Day Six, Squamish + Mr. G's Wild Ride!
After a little delay I'm happy to be back to project "write all of BCBR down" with a recap from Stage Six in Squamish. As is the case with this event, every day was my new favorite day. Could not be more true in Squamish. One day, I want to live in Squamish...

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BCBR Episode 6: Day 4, Sechelt to Langdale ... + CANADA DAY
Happy Canada Day! Let's Party.  For Canada Day, we were back at the finish
line in Sechelt, which was now the start line for Day 4. Somewhere on Day 3, the BC Bike Race surpassed the Belgian Waffle Ride for the honors of "hardest thing ever," and I remember...

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BCBR Recap Episode 5: Day 3, Earl's Cove to Sechelt + An Airplane Ride!
Ripping the feature trail. Photo by Margus Riga after I yelled, "hey Margus!"  For Day 3, I got to fly in a float plane
for the first time. It was the race’s longest day, and toughest logistically
as well. We woke up in Powell River but then had to transfer...

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BCBR Recap Episode 4: Day 2, Powell Riviera and Conquering Demons
Day Two is Rocky Mountain Day! But you could count on the Rocky Mountain lounge all week :) The night before this one, I had to make a stop at the rehab tent where I had the occasion to meet Nathan, the race's physical therapist, who is amazing. Quickly, al...

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BCBR Recap, Episode 2: Day 0
Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 770 MSL, ready to race Day
0 – Vancouver Day 0 of the BC Bike Race is Safety Meeting
Day. We learn about course markings, race protocols, how to take care of
ourselves and each other and other important info. It’s also the first t...

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The Big BCBR Recap! Episode 1.
Thunderbolting on the Ferry (Day -2) I wanted to blog throughout the race as I did last year but it just wasn't meant to be because I was too busy kicking ass and stuff ;)  So! For your reviewing pleasure (and for posterity) I have been chipping away at a r...

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Update from #BCBR2015
I'm too tired to blog so how about a video update?! BC Bike Race is like mountain bike summer camp, everyone is awesome, the crew is next-level, the riding is amazing, the emotions are high and my support team (parents, parents-in-law, bro-in-law and husban...

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@Vernor's New Rocky Mountain: Insta Awesome
This is how I felt for my new bike day on the same whip, Rocky Mountain's Thunderbolt MSL 970 ... but I definitely don't have the creative skills of @vernor ! So check out HIS New Bike Day celebration, and give him a follow on Instagram (like you haven't al...
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