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Yooo! I can't tell you how deeply this strikes a chord with me. I see people doing things that appear to be completely arbitrary and make no sense and do NOTHING but add friction to the user experience. Forms are rampant with this sort of thing.

The extra ironic part about entering something twice (be it email address or password) is that more likely than not I am copy/pasting it anyway.

Some of my biggest pet-peeves for useless form inputs:

* Phone numbers that need area code in a separate box.

* Dates that have to have a particular format - maybe I'm biased, but ColdFusion can parse just about anything as a date/time object (even things that would surprise and confuse you).

* Anything that requires you to actually use dashes (ex. SSN).

Programming languages are so freaking powerful - why do we feel like we need to put so much burden on the shoulders of the user?
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