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Compass Creative Dramatics
Stretching bravery and creativity muscles through the art of theatre
Stretching bravery and creativity muscles through the art of theatre


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"Perhaps without even realizing it, though, many parents instinctively know the value of the arts and incorporate them into our children’s lives in much smaller ways. Otherwise, why would we give our toddlers that first pack of crayons?"

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Our northernly friends at Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Florentine Opera Company, Next Act Theatre, and other Milwaukee companies are bringing art into their area schools!


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During Arts in Education Week (hey! that's this week!) take a moment to think about how arts education has benefited your family!

What's one way that the arts have helped you, your child, or your community grow?

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It's Friday! School-going kids have been in class for a week now -- how's it been going?



"It's good"


Maybe these ideas will help!

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For a lot of our communities, school and other activities start up on Tuesday!

If you're planning for a new group of kids (or adults), here are three community-building activities to do instead of traditional ice-breakers.

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New schedules can be rough on kids (hey, on humans, actually) -- so it's important to take some active steps to make sure that your family is getting the sleep they need now that school is starting!

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We encourage our students to use their creativity to create their characters by observing the world around them and doing their research -- just like Disney's original core animators, the "Nine Old Men".

The work of animators like Disney's Nine Old Men has inspired generations to continue exploring these classic characters through make-believe, music, movies, and plays like ours at Compass Creative Dramatics!

Stretch your own creativity today and inspire others with your work!

Happy Monday!

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Students are often nervous on the first day of a theatre residency or camp. Some of our teachers will tell you that they're always nervous on that first day, too!
If your student is feeling anxious (at any time, during any activity), this article lays out a few really good ways to help your child work through that anxiety.

#anxiety #parenting #copingstrategies

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Who's afraid of the big eclipse?

If you've got a little home with you this morning, check out this episode of Busy World together, and then head outside to watch the eclipse (but don't look directly unless you've got official solar protection glasses!).

If you're planning to watch with kids, check out these tips from NASA:

#science #education #parenting

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A really neat look into the minds of the marketers -- great food for thought schools, community theatres, and anyone advertising a show!

#artmarketing #graphicdesign
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