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I will be starting Dwarf Fortress Succession game. I am currently generating a world with 550 years worth of History.

I am, by a long shot, not an expert at Dwarf Fortress, so anyone who want to join will be welcome. What's the worst you can do? Have a tons of "Fun"!!!!!! :-)

Please contact me if you are interested. The more the merrier.


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Please checkout my newest blog post about Bill Clinton's disastrous beginning to his 1992 campaign!. Please let me know what you think. Thank you, Michael.

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The End Game For Humanity

If you read one article today, read this.  Hell, if you read one article EVER, read this:

"We have one last chance to rise up and make the necessary changes to assure the continuation of civilization and our species. Some call this hyperbole, and I suppose that gives them comfort, but it's not. Our present circumstances are scary as hell. The prospect of the continuation of life on earth, at least for humans, could hardly be more precarious. When the smartest and best informed among us become alarmed, it's time to sit up and take notice."

Are we ready to make the shift?  

It's reality check time

#TheTimeIsNow   #BernieSanders   #mydailybernie   #FeelTheBern  

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The unreality of America and the importance of facing facts

Greetings from Copenhagen! No, I haven't abandoned G+ and #mydailybernie  ....I've just been doing some long overdue travelling with my sweetheart :-)

While taking a break and scanning the interwebs, I spotted what I consider to be one of the most coherent and well-reasoned articles I've ever read on how America got into the mess that it is in today, and how to steer a course for the future.  

I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read this , and pass it along if you think it merits a share.

Together we can change the course of history!  

#mydailybernie   #BernieSanders   #Bernie2016   #politicalrevolution  

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