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The Blue Reliant
Ella asked for a phone.  We said "No." But then we told her we might consider a pay-as-you-go flip phone. She crossed her arms, shot us a tween look of exasperation and said, "But that is so old it would be embarrassing." And just like that the moment I hav...

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Crooked Paths
When I was young(er) I envisioned my professional life as a series of switchbacks. Always moving forward and every so often moving up. But when I stayed home to raise the kids, I skidded off that tried and true path and found myself, if not at the bottom of...

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One space
One space. Just one. Not two. Two spaces are for people over forty. Raise your hand if you know what I mean. You, with your hand raised, are one of two people. A smooth-skinned youth with naught but your future hopes and dreams ahead of you. Or a mature sel...

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10 Tips on Surviving Lice: From a mom who's been there done that
It happened.  Oh, yeah.  It happened.  I thought it was just an urban myth.  A story spun by vindictive women of yesteryear meant to scare innocent moms of today.  A practical joke.  Nothing that would actually ever happen.  To me. Until it did. It was summ...

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An Alien And A Mika-Maka
A colorful illustration of the state of New
Mexico covered the side of the U-Haul.   On top of New Mexico was an alien.   A looming, green alien with a pointed chin and bottomless black eyes,
our traveling companion, our sentry standing guard as the miles b...

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Indelicate Matters
Not to be indelicate, but I've been having some stomach problems lately.  A not so "polite" subject matter and certainly not one for the dinner table even though it's all about the food.  Probably not really a subject matter for a blog either.   Or is it? I...

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The Definition of a Friend
I googled friend today.  And Google told me that
the definition of a friend is: noun 1. a person who one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual
affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations 2. a member of the Religious Society of Friend...

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According to my mom
I am really good at stuff.  Or so my mom tells me.  Also, I am a great writer (perhaps of all time), beautiful, smart, funny, with a cute "figure."  Or so my mom tells me.  Because my mom has only ever said words of encouragement to me.  Except perhaps the ...

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Goodbye Cousin Eddie
Last night our family said hello to a new friend.  This new friend will take the place of a beloved piece of rusted metal.  Rusted metal and canvas which has played a pretty big role in our kid's summer memories.  Such a big role, that when we announced tha...
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