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The official Google+ EDM Circle page. Comment on this post if you want to be part of a circle that shares all sorts of new electronica music via Youtube links, Soundcloud links, etc. in real time! We're talking about trance, techno, progressive house, drum n bass, chillout, downtempo, acid, goa, psy, ad infinitum!

This idea originated from I'm "elusivepuck", the starter of that thread. Hello all! Don't forget to add everyone else that comments to your own EDM circle and share as much as possible! That's how this will turn into a productive Stream full of quality EDM tunes as recommended by everyone.


PS: And don't forget to add me!

Edit: A kind request, but it would help clean up your EDM Stream: If you feel like making a public post that doesn't have to do with electronic music, can you instead share it with all of your circles except your EDM circle? It's a little extra work but it makes browsing the EDM stream a more pleasant experience. Thanks!
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I would enjoy this much.
Big fan of trance and chillout
I would love to be part of this circle :)
Vanessa, you do both. You make the EDM circle, add everyone who comments here, then you have a personalized EDM stream where people are posting links to songs they think others should hear! But remember, if no one is contributing links to music, this whole thing loses its function. :)
hi guys whats happening in this thread?
im havin an issue now - a lot of u guys have added m to ur circle, and im also in a huge reddit circle (and on a couple of those lists). how do i know what circle someone has added me to - so i can know where to add them?
Jack W
Sign me up!
Hey, +John Weaver, it may be beneficial for everyone to add EDM to their occupation to help differentiate from general redditors. Also, I haven't added anyone that wasn't in THIS list because I figure if they are just adding people they won't be contributing songs themselves. One more thing: when people comment on videos other people stream and they aren't in your EDM circle, it may be a safe bet that you can add them to your EDM circle because it looks like they are being an active contributor!
Hello everyone! count me in
Seems like a good idea, I'm in.
Ha, +Monika MHz I like your idea! But yeah, you noticed that this was just for EDM while yours was more open to all types of music. But obviously similar awesome ideas and I'll be adding you to my EDM circle!
Guys, if you just recently commented don't forget to add everyone else who commented before you to your EDM circles. You won't have a nice EDM stream going if you don't add anyone!
Great idea. Please include me in the circle if you have room. Too bad we don't have more of a "group" functionality here yet. That would make this much easier.
There's something broken in this process though. I mean there should be a way for content consumers to filter content or subscribe to it. + needs post tags in other words.
Oh yeah, big electronica fan. I have already posted a few.
Spinning EDM back when it was called House. And even before that LOL
I'm a long time lover of both electro music and reddit, sounds like I'm in the right place. I'm a DJ (I go by DJ Noctem), and I'd love to hear from some of you. I'll be posting mixes and tracks on my profile soon.
+Vaggelis Kapartzianis I agree, you should make that suggestion to the Google+ team. We're basically living in a beta G+ world as you know, so this is the best we got so far. :P
As an FYI. I'm sure Google will be doing more with + in terms of search and trending topics. So we may want to use some kind of #hashtag when posting, Just in case. It can't hurt right?
hell yeah i love electronic music, sign me up!
Love discovering new music so count me in!
Excellent idea, though perhaps there should be another "list" for those that produce music, to allow them to network easier? This seems to be how the photographer circles are doing it.
+Cody Schroeder Perhaps there should be. I'm not a producer, just one who wants to share tunes with others and hear what others recommend. If you want to start up a circle like that, go ahead! All you have to do is make a post like mine and make sure you find a large audience to advertise it.
Gotta create a new EDM circle now!
+Vic Gundotra please add groups or public circles, building a social network like this is a pain!
Ok, I made it half way through the list... I'll be back for the rest of you peepz... faints
+Jake Conlon Yes, if you add people in this post that means everything they post will show up in your EDM circle. However, the things YOU post to your EDM circle won't show up in their EDM streams unless they've added you to it.
Let me in on this :)
trance ..I love it. (Just a listener, not an artist or a DJ)
damn thats a lot of clicking... i think ill finish later... lol
Hell yes! EDM circle on google+!
I'm in - my EDM group is 140+ strong...
there's a lot of you people...ur all circle'd now!
All systems, go!

Producer of both electro house and trance here. Huge into all kinds of EDM.
Add me! Better have all forms of EDM! Even this moombahton ive been hearing good things
+John Weaver You don't have to add the people who have added you. All you have to do is go to pages like this and add the people that comment here. Hope this helps!
+malcolm bidigare i've added everyone that is on this page...but i also, at an earlier point, put myself on a reddit list with about 2000 people on it, and i want to be true to those people just cus (i dont want to be added to any lists that i havent been added to - OCD)
i'm in... let's spread the word and become the original bloodline!
I am in. Electromusic is the shit. Google+ may very well be the shit too.
Noel B
Woo Hoo! Fellow music hoarders unite.
In. Looks like around 180 so far
You invited me to Google+ so I'm more than down for an EDM circle.
Seriously why to add people who share the same interest in music without knowing him?
Karl D.
I'm In... Tag... your it...
oh god theres a lot of us
this just means that we'll get to hear a lot of music and that's never a bad thing. :)
Just to clear things out, I will put my forum ID after this text so its easier to put my name in right circles (tranceaddict) SO, i'm a TA.
Sh Nies
beep bloop me too
Count me in, I mix a variety of genres including Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trance and Electro House!
would be awesome if google+ would make it easier to mass-add people to circles
This sounds awesome! Hook it up!
I added about 30 people.. there are too many here... add me. CRRECTION: make that 50.
A big fan of all trance variety, progressive house, chill and ambient!
Dvj Kaa
Count me in !
hell yeah... i actually created an edm circle in my stream so this would be cool
Is this thing still going? :)
a little late to the party but found this page from the r/trance page!
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