The official Google+ EDM Circle page. Comment on this post if you want to be part of a circle that shares all sorts of new electronica music via Youtube links, Soundcloud links, etc. in real time! We're talking about trance, techno, progressive house, drum n bass, chillout, downtempo, acid, goa, psy, ad infinitum!

This idea originated from I'm "elusivepuck", the starter of that thread. Hello all! Don't forget to add everyone else that comments to your own EDM circle and share as much as possible! That's how this will turn into a productive Stream full of quality EDM tunes as recommended by everyone.


PS: And don't forget to add me!

Edit: A kind request, but it would help clean up your EDM Stream: If you feel like making a public post that doesn't have to do with electronic music, can you instead share it with all of your circles except your EDM circle? It's a little extra work but it makes browsing the EDM stream a more pleasant experience. Thanks!
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