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Electronic music producer and mixing/mastering engineer from Geneva, Switzerland.
Electronic music producer and mixing/mastering engineer from Geneva, Switzerland.

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My fav version of a track we produced last year with my friend +D- Luz 
Free download.

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Great news !

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Amazing tracks and production quality on +Audiotool 

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Slicksquare Audio SVF-42 gets 9 / 10 in +Computer Music magazine !
Full review at page 105.
Hi everyone!

Whishing you all a Happy 2014, we have some exciting news to share with you today!

We are thrilled to appear in the special 200th issue of Computer Music Magazine, the world’s best selling magazine dedicated to making great music with computers!

“The SVF-42 sounds absolutely superb, seductively fluid, whip-crack sharp and ear-warmingly analogue. It is a flying start for Slicksquare and a righteous gem of a filter”!

- Computer Music Magazine, Special 200th issue, February 2014 (page105) -

Obtaining the crazy result of 9/10, we could not be happier today!

We strongly recommend you to get your hands on this magazine, not only to read the SVF-42 full review, but also because Computer Music Magazine is a must have if you’re in music composition.

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Last chance !
Hi everyone!

Today is your last chance to get the SVF-42 with a special 40% off!

The SVF-42 is our high quality analog state variable filter emulation. It offers many modulation and automation solutions, including VirtualCV!

Do not hesitate and go grab your copy at

Use the code SVF42LAUNCH at checkout to obtain the discount!

Enjoy !

#VST   #audio   #plugin  

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a remix for +D-Luz feat. +Krizia Bass LaMeduza !

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Hi everyone!

Today, we are very pleased to appear in the news on, Internet's #1 news and information resource for open standard audio plug-ins!

Read the article right here:

#KVRaudio #vst #plugin

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Looking for that good old techno sound or trying to achieve modern ultra modulated wha-wha-dubstep ?  Try that one !
Introducing... the SVF 42 !

Discover our first audio plugin, the SVF 42. An exciting analog state variable filter emulation with extreme resonance and many modulation abilities, including VirtualCV. 
If you're looking for something to add warmth to your sound, the analog soft clip emulation on the output stage is there for you!

Visit the SVF 42 page to learn more and get a special 40% off the regular price!

#VST #audio #plugin

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The result of a few nights without sleep  :)

After months of preparation, dedication and hard work to prepare for this exciting day, we are proud to announce the official launch of !

Slicksquare is a team of designers and developers specialized in Audio Plugins and Mobile Apps development.
We’ve been hard at work to come up with some high-end products and are today finally releasing our first Audio Plugin.
This is the beginning of a series of plugins which we carefully crafted with quality and user experience in mind.
Head over our website to learn more:

We hope you’ll like our products and can’t wait to catch up with you soon!

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