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I am currently in the android beta program and my device initially showed NP at the start of the build number but now my device shows a stable build while still being currently enrolled. Is there anything I can do to get back in. I'm still currently enrolled.

Pixel XL
Android version 7.1.2
android security patch level
April 5 2017
Build number

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Is anyone else disappointed by the lack of phablet friendly features that help one handed operations? or the lack of better multitasking?

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NPR: You Can Buy Happiness, If It's An Experience.

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sigh still waiting for my 4.4.3 update
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One always yarns for the way back home. Great story.

Google Today: A long way home with help from Google Earth.

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The Verge: Afghanistan truckers use their vehicles as a canvas for poetry.

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Gizmodo: Pakistani Folk Art and US Drones Collide in These Ornate Paintings.
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