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+William Lukesh Where's the thing to join the hangout?

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What happened to America on Sept. 11, 2001 was disgusting. What we did to ourselves is worse.

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I rememeber this discussion (either here or Facebook), and the pro-arming-teachers crowd was very quick to downplay and basically ignore accidents, as if they weren't worth worrying about.

Google. I'm logged in to two accounts. If the calendar link I clicked isn't for the first one, TRY THE SECOND. I'm sick of having to copy and paste this link manually. That's why links exist, so you can click them. Yes, it's not shared with my personal account, but it's bloody well shared with my LOGGED IN company account.

Learn to UX, bro.

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Google, if I wanted the "What's hot" bullshit in my stream, I would turn it on. I have it OFF and you're still showing me this shit.

Timestamps for last actions taken on the top items on my feed, in order: 8:10am, 5:01pm, 1:35pm, 1:27pm, 12:59pm, 1:25pm

Thanks, Google.

I like that Google put, like, no thought into how people might actually want to use things like the chat windows. "Oh sure, we'll have a titlebar and make it look like a window! Drag them? Ha, why would they that? It's not like the chat would overhang onto the content area and they'd want to move it out of the way. Ha, ha."
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