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Malcolm Roweth
Malcolm Roweth is fuelled by FAT
Malcolm Roweth is fuelled by FAT

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PCSK9 Inhibitors - the new way to screw the NHS for every last penny
Did you hear the “Amazing” news about the new generation of
Statin drugs that was announced at the weekend? The new PCSK9 inhibitors like Evolocumab
are even more effective at lowering LDL cholesterol and according to many this
makes them a wonder drug. The...

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  I have been a subscriber to Runner’s World for about 12
years now. It is provided much-needed advice and motivation, a little monthly
run-envy and the occasionally journalistic howler.  Lately the howlers
have started to become louder and a little more gr...

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The Tank Tracks - Fuelled by Fat
About 2 miles from my home is a rather odd path up a hill
with no name. There’s a grand view from the top but the path itself is now rather
dull, being mostly down in a ditch, lined on one side with bushes and the other
with more bushes. There is a brief st...

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I worry about a number of things, but I don’t worry that my body is trying to kill me
  When I discuss the LCHF diet
with friends, family and increasingly with my clients all over the world, the conversation
generally go es like this: I
describe the diet and it’s effect on obesity and type 2 diebetes. I
talk about running on fat. I
talk abou...

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Just because people ask me for this from time to time....

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Can I run as fast on fat as on carbs?
I was watching the diamond league athletics on the telly last night and wondering, could I still run 400 meters in under a minute? When I was a boy I had a PB of 55 seconds. And 4 years ago pre-LCHF I clocked 62 seconds after an ill-advised bet with with my...

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24 hours of Endurance
I haven’t been posting much lately. Minor injuries led me to
withdraw from the Brighton Half and full marathons this spring and so I have
been focussing on something a bit different, a 24-hour relay. Our village
running club We Run! Hassocks entered 4 teams...

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Still harping on about Cholesterol Malcolm?
I think that by now most of my friends have had 'the cholesterol chat' with me; in pubs, over dinner or even sometimes when out running. I am generally careful now to only harp on about this to people I have not met before. This blog is an exception. I am n...
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