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October 2016 Common Crawl corpus shows JSON-LD use on the rise

While a year-over-year comparison of Common Crawl corpora is not an apples-to-apples comparison, comparing the October 2016 corpus to the November 2015 corpus nonetheless suggests that JSON-LD is gaining syntactic ground.

Further information here:

H/T +Robert Meusel, +Chris Bizer, Anna Primpeli / CC +Markus Lanthaler, +Gregg Kellogg, +Manu Sporny, +Niklas Lindström, +Dave Longley

#structureddata #jsonld #microdata #rdfa #microformats

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State of Jason-LD in 2017!

"State of Jason-LD in 2017"

Nice succinct update from our friend +Gregg Kellogg on where JSON-LD is at, how it's being used, and where it's going.

H/T +Martha van Berkel / +Mark van Berkel / +Hunch Manifest Inc, creators of Schema App. This update's title is the anchor text for the link to Gregg's deck on the Schema Markup News Round Up for February 8th, 2017 ( - do not change it Van Berkels, it's priceless! :)

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Anatomy of Compelling and Shareable Content!
Larger infographic and full article here:
#contentmarketing #infographic #digitalmarketing 
The Anatomy of Compelling and Shareable Content
Read it all here:

In order online content to be shareable, it must meet countless requirements. Interesting to viewers, usefulness, calls-to-action, and so on. Sometimes, it seems like making the content viral requires magic because it is difficult to surprise people. While it is completely true that viral content is not achieved easily, there are some secrets that could be used to succeed. By using these secrets, it becomes possible to create content that will be shared on social media. Moreover, it will make the desired impact.

Many social media experts say that the viralness of the content posted on social media, blogs, or other platforms depends on the effectiveness to engage a desire to share. This desire is a certainly intrinsic one. Psychologists suggest many mechanisms involved in producing the motivation to share something with others. For example, someone might be seeking an approval from others by showing that they have expertise. In other words, #socialmedia marketers have a lot to learn. The secrets of the human psyche and previous experience are at the play here.

Do not worry, though, there is no need to panic because we are going to share these secrets with you.

#infographic courtesy of: +Digital Marketing Philippines

#contentmarketing #blogging #bloggingtips #marketing

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30+ Social Media Marketing Stats for 2017

As #socialmedia usage continues to grow at a steady rate it’s essential that entrepreneurs and marketers implement a #socialmediamarketing strategy for their business.

A key part of any successful strategy is understanding the stats and trends that can affect the outcome of your efforts.

To help, the guys at +Red Website Design have just created this infographic with a bunch of helpful facts and figures.

You should all know the power of #Facebook: The #infographic shows that 22% of the world’s population use it, and 76% of those users logged in every day in 2016. So it’s fairly obvious to say that a presence on Facebook is a must.

What you may not have been aware of is the power of the less popular social networks.

On any given day #Snapchat reaches 41% of 18-34 year olds in the US. If that’s your target demographic and you aren’t using Snapchat then your business is missing out.

It also shows that 81% of millennials check #Twitter at least once a day. Twitter is a great source of referral traffic, are you taking advantage?

Perhaps the standout figure from the infographic is that 80% of time spent on social media happens on a mobile device.

Couple this with the fact Google has recently announced a shift to a mobile first index, this highlights the fact that all businesses need to think “mobile-first” across their #marketing mix.


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SEO Tips: Why You Should Keep Social & Referral Data Separate in Google Analytics!

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Google’s AI software is learning to make AI software!
#ai   #google   #artificialintelligence   #software  
AI Software Learns to Make AI Software

Google and others think software that learns to learn could take over some work done by AI experts. Progress in artificial intelligence causes some people to worry that software will take jobs such as driving trucks away from humans. Now leading researchers are finding that they can make software that can learn to do one of the trickiest parts of their own jobs—the task of designing machine-learning software. In one experiment, researchers at the Google Brain artificial intelligence research group had software design a machine-learning system to take a test used to benchmark software that processes language. What it came up with surpassed previously published results from software designed by humans. In recent months several other groups have also reported progress on getting learning software to make learning software. They include researchers at the nonprofit research institute OpenAI (which was cofounded by Elon Musk), MIT, the University of California, Berkeley, and Google’s other artificial intelligence research group, DeepMind. If self-starting AI techniques become practical, they could increase the pace at which machine-learning software is implemented across the economy. Companies must currently pay a premium for machine-learning experts, who are in short supply. Jeff Dean, who leads the Google Brain research group, mused last week that some of the work of such workers could be supplanted by software. He described what he termed “automated machine learning” as one of the most promising research avenues his team was exploring. “Currently the way you solve problems is you have expertise and data and computation,” said Dean, at the AI Frontiers conference in Santa Clara, California. “Can we eliminate the need for a lot of machine-learning expertise?”_

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Nine ways you can use Google Analytics to improve your content marketing!
#contentmarketing   #googleanalytics   #marketing  
9 ways you can use Google Analytics to improve your content marketing:

#1 Spend your energy on analysis, not reporting
#2 Understand important terminology from your reports
#3 Use the Behavior Reports for quick insights
#4 Understand your content themes with Content Grouping
#5 Looking at social interactions with your content
#6 Measuring your internal website promotions
#7 Align your content marketing to goals / objectives
#8 Assign dollar value to your goals
#9 Decide what content you should create next

Get the full tips at

#GoogleAnalytics #ContentMarketing

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Pinterest introduced Ad Groups! - Exciting update expands functionality of current campaign structure.
#pinterest   #socialmediamarketing  
What You Need To Know About The NEW Pinterest Ad Groups

People sometimes forget that Pinterest is not just a visual discovery tool.

It's a powerful marketing and advertising platform.

But the brand’s recent update brought things back into focus.

This month, Pinterest introduced Ad Groups - an exciting update that expands the functionality of the current campaign structure.

Ready to get started?

Here's everything you need to know about the NEW Pinterest Ad Groups!

#socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #marketing 
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