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Semantic: Web3.0 And The Emergence of Collaborative Intelligence! - - "...From clutter to meaning, from search to discovery, from hard taxonomies to more organic synthesis. Technology can now, perhaps ironically, humanize big data. ....allows us, finally, to surface hard data from soft interactions such as search, collaboration, annotation, and curation." ...Read more:
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The learning revolution will not be delivered through formal courses or assessed through traditional evaluations. Rather, it will emerge from the “semantic web”: the web of meaning implicit in the language and logic of our digital lives.
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Beyond Keywords ~ Understanding Semantic Analysis! - .It all comes down to words and the associations they convey. So let’s deal with the singularly most important concept that comes to mind: semantics. ...We’re moving into a world where it goes beyond…. into voice search." ...Read more:
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SEO Training Dojo's David Harry delves into the brave new world of SEO: semantic analysis. The age of simple keywords is over - here's what you should know.
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Android Lovers - Apps, Google & Mobile Tech

Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
Google disables rich snippets when review content not contained on page!
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"Google will disable rich snippets when review content is not contained on the page"

And it's to this that +Brad Brewer ascribes the loss of rich snippets for Marriott hotels in Google.  Thanks for exploring Brad, and do let us know if and when - not to mention how :) - they regain their snippets.

By the way, title of the post is:
Marriott Review Rich Snippets Gone!?!

Which I need to tell you here because it ain't in the call-out snippet.  Why?
<span itemprop="name" class="label">Share on LinkedIn</span>

<h1 itemprop="headline" class="article-title">Marriott Review Rich Snippets Gone!?!</h1>

The code I think is fine - that "name" declaration is for the type ShareAction - but Google+ hasn't caught up to Google's requirements for Article rich snippets (or at least to the properties, like "headline", that it supports for Article), so is just snagging the snippet title from the first "name" declaration they encounter.  Timely eh, +Carl Turechek ? :)

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Bing announces availability of knowledge graph (Satori-powered Bing Snapshots) and action graph API !
Microsoft Office; Smart Lookup delivers contextually relevant results
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Knowledge graph integration into software

The knowledge graph in question being Bing's (Satori-powered Bing Snapshots), and the software in question being Microsoft Office.

"Smart Lookup lets you fact-check and learn more about terms contained in emails and other documents without leaving your Office app. Select the text in question and Smart Lookup uses the surrounding content to deliver contextually relevant results, including Bing’s great image results, web searches and more."

Not surprising to see this, coming as it does close on the heels of Bing's release of its "knowledge and action graph API":

#bing   #knowledgegraphs   #office   #snapshots  
Today, Bing is announcing that its knowledge and action graph will be available to developers via a new API. With this new API, developers can enhance their apps by exposing rich data from the Bing knowledge and action graph directly in their apps. Whether you have a messaging app or a music app ...
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How Semantic Search Will Transform Capital Markets! ~ "For investment managers and portfolio managers, a search platform that goes across investment research, market data, company fundamentals, news, #socialmedia and portfolio structure, and enables varied set of queries, is a holy-grail." ...Read more:
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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise ~ Google Authorship Alive!?
"...Thursday’s Ask the Search Engines session at SMX East ...comment from Gary Illyes regarding authorship ...looks like you might want to consider adding authorship back. Gary Illyes made the surprise recommendation to keep including authorship and not remove it if you already have it in place, as Google may use it again in the future." ...Read more:
#googleauthorship   #smxeast   #seo   #googleplus   #authorship  
One of the surprising things to come out of Thursday’s Ask the Search Engines session at SMX East was a comment from Gary Illyes regarding authorship… something that many webmasters stopped implementing a year ago after authorship and related photos were dropped from the search results.  But looks like you might want to consider adding …
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Your Facebook profile is about to become a lot more... animated. In an official announcement, Facebook has outlined a raft of changes coming to profile layouts, including temporary profile images, a o
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Android Lovers - Apps, Google & Mobile Tech

Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
Using SEO To Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy to Google Standards!
#seo   #google   #contentmarketing  
How to Optimize Your Website & It's Content to Google’s Standards
Using SEO to maximize your content marketing strategy.

#seo #seotips #contentmarketing
Search engines are an integral part of your content marketing strategy. In this article we discuss the core ingredients to success.
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The 4 Biggest Content Marketing Trends Of 2015 - infographic

"Forget trying to keep up with all the changes that occurred in Internet marketing this past year. It would take you until this time next year just to list them. So instead of taking up a lot of unnecessary and valuable time, the latest infographic from +MDG Advertising quickly details the content marketing trends you most need to know about."

Key Takeaways:

New Ad Formats Are Taking Off:
Thanks to the rise of mobile, video and new social networking platforms willing to push boundaries, we're in the midst of an exciting time of rapid advertising innovation. Digital ads are getting more engaging and more effective.

User-Generated Media Is Exploding:
The importance of user-generated content is nothing new. However, this year the steady stream of pieces has finally become a flood. This trend can be seen across a wide range of platforms and content types.

#infographic   #contentmarketing   #digitalmarketing   #socialmediamarketing   #seo  
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