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Ronald Montgomery
Photography is my art, Aquaponics for food
Photography is my art, Aquaponics for food

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Give into your anger and feel the true power of the force

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Is it not annoying when you get request from people you know are not real.  I mean ZERO posts.  Had an account for only a couple of days.  They have a couple hundred connections.  REALLY?!?!
This is Not facebook and I like it that way.

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Hi all.  Been busy getting the gardens going.
Six (6) ways to garden.

1.  Deep Raft Aquaponics
2.  Pallet grow box   (potatoes and onions)
3.  Rain Gutter grow system.  
4.  Raised Bed Garden
5.  Grow Bag garden
6.  Regular Garden
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This is a good video on the realities of the modern photographer.  I liked it.
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