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"This will be more clear soon, but for now, just remember this :

If w == 1, then the vector (x,y,z,1) is a position in space.
If w == 0, then the vector (x,y,z,0) is a direction.

(In fact, remember this forever.)"

Thanks, OpenGL tutorial. Shamefully (?), I did not know 0 meant a vector.

Should I "cmd /k" or should I "cmd /c" now ... ?

#WindowsCmdPromptGeek #80sRock

Let x = x + 1

The first time I saw it, my brain revolted. The math in me screamed: NNNNOOOOOO!!!!


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A story about how music can make people smile. And about how a single act of sharing can lead to THOUSANDS of smiles. MILLIONS even. :-D

Read it and (don't) weep:

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There are still 4 days left to claim your "NSA proof" email account from the folks at ProtonMail... What?..., privacy on the internet? Do tell.

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We did it! $1,000 raised in 114 hours. Anything more is now gravy. Dad's heading out Sunday. Thanks to all!!
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