Localizing your app is an essential part of building your user base in fast-growing markets around the world. To make this easier, we've launched the App Translation Service, which lets you purchase professional app translations directly from the Google Play Developer Console. Today, all developers can take advantage of this new service.

The App Translation Service lets you browse a list of third-party vendors who are pre-qualified by Google to offer high-quality translation at competitive prices. You can upload the strings you want translated, select your target languages, and choose a vendor based on time and price. When your translations are ready, you can easily import them back into your app using the ADT Translation Manager Plugin.

If you are targeting users in other languages, check out the App Translation Service. You'll find it in the Developer Console at the bottom of the APK section.

Here are some other resources to take a look at when localizing your app. 

Localization checklist:

ADT Translation Manager Plugin:

Developer localization stories:

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