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Hacker, philosopher, troublemaker, theorist of open source
Hacker, philosopher, troublemaker, theorist of open source

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A good, thoughtful article on the odd nexus between left counterculturalism and Lost Cause romanticism. Strikes home with me because I noticed some of this when watching Westerns as a teenager in the 1970s.

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This article makes it sound like modern cocktail culture is something I'd enjoy being part of. It is unfortunate that I can't stand the taste of alcohol.

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New blog post: Old Charles Saunders was right after all!

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This is me, more or less. Unlike the author I'm not a conservative nor a traditionalist. I supported gay marriage on live-and-let-live libertarian grounds, and dismissed conservatives who didn't as bigots or at least mistaken.

Now I feel like I owe an apology to those conservatives. They warned me that gay marriage was the thin end of a "You will be made to care" totalitarian wedge, and I didn't listen because...conservatives. But they were right.

I won't make that mistake again.

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This good news will, of course, be blacked out in the press.

Our ruling class needs to believe that most Americans are hideous bigots, in order to justify its contempt of them. The mainstream press, obedient courtiers that they are, do their best to maintain that delusion.

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I have a strong suspicion my code was in the observation toolchain on this one. There are a couple of features in GPSD that I added specifically to make it useful for ionospheric observations. Because I could, and thought it was a cool idea.

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The next level up from "a deep-seated fear of time zone problems" is "existential dread related to the unpredictability of leap-second offsets".

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"So always with these little would-be tyrants. When you use the label "antifa" or "anti-fascist," you are helping and enabling a resurgence of terrorist liars in the exact same tradition, who are indistinguishable from neo-Nazis except in the specific motivations for and targets of their authoritarian impulses and irrational violence."

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NTP can finally run autonomously without check peers. Good news for high-security installations.

EDIT: Yes, I know our cert is busted. Our sysadmin is off at Burning Man...

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Just watched some videos of the post-Harvey looting in Houston.

There is no way for me to me to be sure the few non-black looters I saw were illegal Hispanics, but if there were any way to check I'd bet money on it. Usual stuff being looted, too, mainly big flat-screen TVs. We've seen footage like this before in the wake of every riot and natural disaster of recent years.

But I'm not actually posting this to make an issue of the looter demographics. Poverty yada yada, I get it (though I don't consider it an excuse). What chaps me is our media. Because there are other images from Houston. Like the one I've linked to below,

That working-class white guy in the ball cap? That's middle America in action, wading through the flood to rescue that woman and her baby who do not share a skin color with him. Nobody told him or his buddy back by the boat that they had to risk their lives for strangers. They just showed up. And I'm betting there isn't any loot on that boat.

Yet it's people like these guys who are nowadays are constantly dismissed as racists and deplorables by our wonderful media.

Hey media, do you want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.
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