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Not going to take any train rides in China.

At the first Startup Weekend Shanghai ever, looking good so far.

Why is GOOGLE MAP 5.7 blocked in China?

What a wild night, +Adrian Ma thanks for party bro, and Johnny also, now time to catch some sleep.

Saw this online: Chinese law enforcement said wearing a condom while rapping does not count as sex assualt, meaning not rape. Such BS...

Chinese parents are forcing their kids to learn English when they are so young and barely recognize any Chinese characters... just saw one such kid in the subway, can't even read the signs at each stop but mommy is teaching him English...

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Good question.. don't spend much time in LinkedIn anymore.

Planning stuff..

The official story is Google+ is unstable, meaning we can't access it all of the time, but it's not all the time I'm having problem with, it the once in a while that I wanted and I still can't access Google+ then.

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It was great fun following this project, and I'm almost as happy as the Emerald Sea team that this stuff is now out.
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