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Jim Fawcette
Like tennis, wine, and bad sci-fi.
Like tennis, wine, and bad sci-fi.


Laws which must be enforced, a list:

Crossing the border illegally, a MISDEMEANOR ✅
Lying on a SF-86 security clearance, a FELONY ❌
Lying to Congress, a FELONY ❌
Public corruption, a FELONY ❌
Tax evasion, a FELONY ❌
Insider trading, a FELONY ❌
Emoluments ❌
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Russians, Including Criminals and Sanctioned Kleptocrats Buying Trump Properties

Payoffs or money-laundering?

"Buyers connected to Russia or former Soviet republics made 86 all-cash sales — totaling nearly $109 million — at 10 Trump-branded properties in South Florida and New York City, according to a new analysis shared with McClatchy. Many of them made purchases using shell companies designed to obscure their identities."

Including: "Aleksandr Burman, a Ukrainian who engaged in a health care scheme that cost the federal government $26 million and was sentenced to a decade in prison, paid $725,000 cash for a condo at a Trump Tower I in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla."

These are: "patterns of buying and selling that we thought were suggestive of money laundering" 
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Update: Investigation into NY FBI Leaks to Help Trump

+MSNBC "At Monday's hearing, Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy asked {FBI Inspector General Michael} Horowitz if his office had investigated "the leaks of FBI personnel who were actively taking steps to sway the election to Mr. Trump" in his report on the FBI's handling of an investigation into Clinton's use of email server.

"That's correct ... We are not able to speak to you about work that might be ongoing," Horowitz replied.

Remember when Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News to brag about how FBI agents had told him details on the HRC email investigation? That's still being investigated. IG report on Comey/HRC email noted "extreme animus" in NY FBI office toward Clinton.

MSN: "The report also discusses widespread problems with leaks to the media and said senior FBI officials were afraid that some officials in the bureau's New York field office were behind some of the leaks. ...

ht +galen stone
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Team Trump's Russia Contacts

Here are 14 we know of. From my memory, 11 lied about contacting Russians and, of course, Trump lied about them all. This list doesn't include the London lawyer, now in jail, that lied about Trump's campaign chief having a known FSU agent in his company.

My current favorite denial is Roger Stone's. He didn't lie to the FBI about meeting with a Russian, he "forgot" that a Russian tried to sell him dirt on HRC for $2 Million, because I guess that's such a common occurrence that who would remember that? Oh, but he doubled down by saying his omission was OK because the man was an FBI informant.
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Forbes on the Trail of Wilbur Ross' Missing Fortune

When double-dealing isn't enough: Guy even made money shorting stock in a Putin-crony company knowing that revelations he still held that stock would cause its share price to go down.

Did Trump's commerce secretary misplace a few billion and where? Did he really severe his contacts with Putin and Communist China or not? Inquiring Forbes wants to know.

"In November 2017, Ross confirmed in writing to the federal Office of Government Ethics that he had divested everything he promised. But that was not true. After weeks of investigation, Forbes found ... "
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Fact Checking Presidential Tweets, This is What We've Come To

‘Crime in Germany Is Way Up’


Crime statistics for 2017 showed the lowest level of crime in Germany in 25 years

Fact Check: Trump’s False and Misleading Claims About Crime and Immigration in Germany
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+CNN Donald Trump's Twitter feed is getting more and more bizarre*

A Festivus pole about the Mueller-Russia probe.

"(CNN) - It's hard to say that President Donald Trump's Twitter habits are getting stranger. After all, this is a President who has, from the start of his presidential campaign, used the social media site as among other things, a communications device, a Festivus pole and a psychologist's couch. He's attacked his own party leaders and suggested it might be time for them to quit. He's attacked a cable news anchor for allegedly receiving a facelift. He's threatened nuclear war with North Korea."

Yet they are. Read on.
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Cardinal Dolan fires back at Sessions: There is "no Bible passage" that would justify family separation

This is big since, if you're not familiar with Dolan, he's about as hard-right a major Catholic leader as there is in the U.S., one that has supported Republican policies for years and is a thorn in the side of the latest Pope. If even he is outspoken on how bad this is, that's something.
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Trump and Kim Jong Un Successful Partners in Gaslighting

Trump and Kim have been successful in creating a kabuki dance that ended in great propaganda for each in his home country. In reality nothing at all has changed. Except that both have gotten tremendous PR value from "looking strong" and "taking action".

Trump has even moderate U.S. reporters claiming that the meeting is worthwhile because it "calmed nuclear tension", based solely on Kim's rhetoric, as if insults were missiles.

Meanwhile, Kim is circulating stories of his power, describing how he "ordered Trump" to stop military exercises in South Korea and "Trump complied". His reign is fortified and his people further cowed by his perceived power.

Kim and North Korea still have nuclear weapons. They were never going to use them except as threats. They are no more nor less likely to accidentally start a war, nor disarm than before. Any impact decades of trade embargoes have had on under-mining public support of Kim has been torpedoed by Trump's talks.

Similarly, Trump is the same feckless, global bumbler. But his base gets a "success story" to distract them from Trump's deficit spending, trade wars, and criminal investigations.

What gaslight? It didn't go down.
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NY FBI Had "Deep and Visceral Hatred of Clinton" That Affected Email Investigation

This led directly to the Comey letter per FBI IG report. Curious how this "bias" is NOT in most, main media reports but 2 agents not liking Trump is.

"According to the testimony of the Attorney General in the IG report, nine days before the election she and the FBI Director discussed how a “deep and visceral hatred of Secretary Clinton” by a cadre of senior NY FBI agents “has put us where we are today” w/r/t the Weiner laptop."

Separately, online posters claim to name names, supposedly old Buds of Rudy Giuliani:

Assistant Director in Charge
William F. Sweeney was named assistant director in charge of New York Division in July 2016.

Special Agents in Charge
John Brosnan
Gregory W. Ehrie
George Ennis
Aristedes Mahairas
Charles McGonigal
C. Bryan Paarmann
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