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Alex Clifton
Analytical. Loquacious. Eccentric. Xenophile.
Analytical. Loquacious. Eccentric. Xenophile.

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Any The Walking Dead fans? Any step-children? Step-moms? Read this blog post to join in a discussion about one of television's most popular shows and current depictions of step-mom and step-family dynamics.

I hope that everyone is doing well. I am in the final stages of my book about step-mom and I would like to know if anyone is interested in sharing an account or testimonial about their step-mom experience. My book is more of a sociological inquiry as opposed to just pure narrative, but my agent and I think a few more testimonials will be nice (I have a few already). If you are interested, please respond here and I will provide further instruction. Thanks!

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Oh, politics. That field that begins to divide before lips part to speak. I will probably never post political writings on my blog. But, as a writer, I do appreciate the way this blogger articulated her views, and so I think it deserves a read.

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I am the quintessential introvert writer and poet, so here goes the process of sharing. I hope these words will find someone...

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Here's some of my poetry. I do hope these words will speak to the souls of others. Humbly pressing on, friends...

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Hello, friends. I do hope that everyone is well. I have a word in my heart and so I must share. I hope my trials and these words will meet others in the ups and downs of life. Humbly pressing on...

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I hope everyone is well. Poetry and art have been locked away in my heart for a long time. Now, it is time to share. Peace, love and grace, friends.

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Life is hardship, trial and disappointment. But, what do such disappointments truly mean when we step back and consider God and our humanness?

Visit this blog for honest musings, art and creative writing, namely poetry, and camaraderie and inspired exhortation.

Maybe I'm just living life
the way it's supposed to be--
a zig zag of incongruity.
Trying to find normalcy
in the madness;
swimming in the mundanity
of chaos.

AMC 2016
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