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Learning never ends
Learning never ends

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Technology & The Jesus Film
Today, I delve into the film industry. The year 2013 saw the
discontinuation of Motion Picture Film Production by the bigwig Fujifilm . The growth in
technology did not only hit the music industry.
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Creating a Compelling Business Plan
Jason Nazar Jason Nazar is the Co-founder and CEO of , an
online resource for small businesses that hosts professional documents and
other productivity tools. He is also the creator of Startups Uncensored, a
technology conference in California t...

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Music & Football
Being from a different country, I have been an eager student
on the American ways. During the FIFA World Cup 2014 series, I cannot mention
the countless conversations I had about football (soccer, as the Americans
insist on calling it!) and American footbal...

The World of Social Media Marketing
In the past three weeks, I have had the pleasure to sit in
on a few Product and Artist Management classes, which the professor jestingly refers to as the mini SXSW. 
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Live Entertainment Legal Liabilities
NJ Concertgoers v. Live
Nation Live Nation, the country’s
largest live entertainment company faced a class action suit that is
potentially going to lose the business millions of dollars in revenue. In 2009,
the company was sued for padding ticket prices wit...

Networking at the FMF
In April 2014, I got a chance to work at the Florida Music Festival as a volunteer. I had been looking forward to meeting the bands as
well as the industry professionals who were going to be present. For the most
part, I was at the sign-in table where they ...

A Review of Essential Negotiation Strategies
Margaret Neale is an Adams
Distinguished Professor of Management at the Stanford Graduate School of
Business. In her presentation, Getting What You Want , she explains different ways
of approaching negotiations and states three things that are important to ...

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