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Miranda Gammella
Work by day, write by night. All day awesome.
Work by day, write by night. All day awesome.

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Title: Surprise Gift

"You made it."

Audriana turned, and smiled as Elliot walked toward her with his hand extended. 

"Of course I did," she replied, taking his hand.

Before she could speak again, he spoke, "Watch."

Butterflies came out from all directions and surround them, swirling and twirling. Audriana's jaw dropped as she watched in amazement. She jerked when she heard a whiz and a click immediately behind her head. Her butterfly clip flitting through the air, joining the other real butterflies.

"What is going on?" she whispered, her eyes wide.

"Just watch, it's a surprise."

The butterflies gathered around the golden mechanical one, swirling and gathering in tighter and tighter until it seemed like they couldn't get any closer to one another. 

The air shimmered and the butterflies burst forth into one giant butterfly. All the different colors and sizes of the insects worked together as one entity, with Audriana's hair-clip in the center. 

"Amazing," she murmured.

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