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Tom Limoncelli
Author, sysadmin, LGBT activist, traveler, time management guru.
Author, sysadmin, LGBT activist, traveler, time management guru.

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Are any of my Google friends working to fix this problem? It is preventing me from using my new Mac to the fullest.

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Would someone at Google purchase a 2-button mouse for the people that make Google Docs?

It used to be that if a Google Doc linked to a URL, you could right-click and get a menu. The menu would permit you to either open the doc in a new tab or an entirely new window.

Now they capture the right-click to bring up a custom menu that doesn't give me a choice, nor use any of the other useful things that my browser has on its right-click menu.



Hmm... the train is about to go into a tunnel and I want to continue watching this YouTube video my employer made.
Oh look! There's a "download video" button in the iPhone YouTube app!
Oh, it requires YouTube RED. I'll sign up for the free 1-month trial!
Oh, the video won't download because it is "private".

Fuck you, YouTube RED. You shouldn't even SHOW that download button if you aren't going to permit it to be downloaded. That's false advertising.


The YouTube experience on a Tivo Series 3 and 4 is so terrible. Is it any better on the new Roamio or Bolt?

Why do ChromeBooks tend to max out at 4G of RAM? With very few exceptions (Google) this seems to be true.

My theory is that the cost of RAM is one thing that the manufacturer can't control. So, anything you can't control should be minimize.

Personally, I want 8G or 16G. I have a lot of idle tabs. I also get the feeling that gmail and other apps would be much faster with more RAM.

DAMN YOU, GSUITE! When will you be able to embed a spreadsheet in a doc??? No, inserting a TABLE is not the same thing. Linking to a spreadsheet is not the same thing. A table can't do calculations. A link doesn't display what I want.

This is why Microsoft Office 365 is kicking your ass in the fortune 1500.

So, Trump had all these high-tech executives/CEOs to Trump tower for a meeting. Then he announced that he was putting Uber execs and Musk on his economic advisory board. In other words, he had a meeting so he could rub it in Larry and Serge's face that they are going to be LOCKED OUT for the next 4 or 8 years as pay-back for supporting HRC. Guess who's self-driving car is going to be favored when the Federal regulations are written? Guess which computer company named after a fruit is going to have a hard time selling to the government? Guess who's going to be forced into turning over customer private information to the government when the witch hunts start? Yeah, not Facebook/Uber/Tesla.

He rubbed it in their faces.

What a petty asshole.

My Google Hangouts with my coauthor Christine Hogan are constantly interrupted by her hangout exiting with "Error 21". She uses Firefox. I think Error 21 means "Google's marketing department would like you to install Chrome."

A: The edit button is a circle on the lower-right corner?
B: It makes sense on a tablet.
A: I'm not on a tablet!
B: Who's fault is that??? How dare you use a Mac/PC/workstation you f---ing loser!!!

If you aren't sure: "A" is me. "B" is Google... though I'm sure they don't phrase it that way in their design meetings.

Even though I would have preferred Bernie, today I'm voting for HRC. NJ is a "likely HRC" state, so I could vote for Jill but I'm not. Why? Because if HRC wins by a popular landslide, she'll be able to adopt positions closer to Bernie's. if she wins the popular vote by a narrow margin, she'll have no negotiating leverage and will have to play by the Republican rules. In short, I'm voting for HRC not just because she has a 30 year history of excellent public service, but because I want to give her the leverage to have a presidency with the wind at her back. #ImWithHer.
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