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Tom Limoncelli
Author, sysadmin, LGBT activist, traveler, time management guru.
Author, sysadmin, LGBT activist, traveler, time management guru.


My company basically runs on Google Hangouts. What a fucking UI shitshow Google Meet is. I can't see what I'm presenting (oh that can't POSSIBLY lead to problems), I can't chat AND see my fellow collaborators, and I can't screen-share with more than one person at a time.

None of this makes sense. Oh wait... yes it does. I just remembered Google's conference room infrastructure. Yes, this totally makes sense for Google... just not anyone else.


Dear Googler-Friends: Google docs becomes painfully slow when the doc gets long. I'd gladly donate some docs to you that demonstrate the problem. However I'd want to know they don't go into a blackhole. Is Google even working on this problem?

Google Calendar: Where every day is "TODAY".

(yes, I know the "today" on the page is a button that MOVES you to today but it really is a distraction to me that my brain sees it and things "this is today's calendar entry')

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Survey: If you are in Gmail, and you click on "Contacts", how long does it take for the contacts screen to start?

For me it is 5 seconds. Feels like forever.

I just read (most) of the Damore class action suit. Did this guy do any work at google or did he spend all of his time setting up situations where he’d be able to take screen caps for a future lawsuit?

Oh, and I love that they blacked out all conservative names but left in the names of anyone they’d want doxxed or harassed.

It seems as though his entire time at Google he was working with right-wing think tanks to come up with picture-perfect situations that would let them challenge in court the top 20 laws that they have axes to grind about.

Certainly all that hard work would require exfiltrating proprietary corporate information which is breaking the law and would be grounds for termination.

Sadly Damore could win by losing. If there was a counter-suit (and he lost) it could set a precedent that would make it difficult for future social justice advocates to collect information about bad employers.

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AH! I always assumed that when Google Hangouts audio starts making people sound like robots it was an ISP thing... like their computer was overloaded. However now I've been having people immediately switch to Zoom and they don't have any problems. I suspect the constant constant constant Hangouts audio issues are Chrome's fault, not the person's ISP.

Oh! I figured it out! The new Google Calendar UX works a LOT better if you use the keyboard shortcuts. A lot of my complaints in are easy to work around with the keyboard. I still think the day/week/month selector should be buttons not a drop down, but at least now I can click d, w, m and most importantly "t" for today.

That said... there are a few bugs/misfeatures that I've found.
I've documented them here:

Can someone from Google pass these along?

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