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I'm pretty boring...I like carbs. I like cardigans. Pretty easy to please.
I'm pretty boring...I like carbs. I like cardigans. Pretty easy to please.


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Netflix (and Amazon and Hulu) Documentary Hits & Misses Vol. 24: February 2017
It's February, so I thought I should keep things a lil spicy and throw in a documentary from Amazon Prime streaming and one from Hulu. I have also been single-handedly trying to watch as many movies in Oscar contention as possible, because I love spreading ...

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The Rise of Dying Teen Cinema
Today I was scrolling through Facebook and spotted a trailer for a
movie I hadn't ever heard of,  but that looked semi terribly cheesy so I
think I should have- Everything Everything . From the
preview, I could glean it was the story of a girl who was un...

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Cripple Concepts Giveaway and Review
OK, guys. I know this blog only has a probably 20% readership of people with disabilities, because let's face it, despite the tongue-in-cheek title, I often talk more about Netflix or reality TV than I do actual disability issues, but this one is for you 20...

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Netflix Documentary Hits & Misses Vol. 23 (January 2017 Edition)
 New year means new crop of documentaries popping up on Netflix. [Tangent: Seriously, when I got back from my new years trip to the mountains , checking what was new on Netflix was priority one...OK... maybe priority 2, because my mother just got a squatty ...

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Gatlinburg: My first wax museum
Ever since my first trip to Gatlinburg earlier this year, the group of friends I went with have been itching to go back. After the fires devastated the area in November, we were uncertain how the touristy spot would be different, but knew we still wanted to...

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Sightseeing in DC
Today I was about to write about something travel related I did over New Years weekend and realized I never really wrote much about my trip to DC beyond the Newseum and being scared shitless/excited about exploring it . For this reason I decided to squeeze ...

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The Bachelor is back, so welcome back shoulder shirts!
As I've written about before , you know I love some pretty POS reality shows. Somewhere in my
personal pantheon (nestled probably between Rupaul's Drag race and 90 Day Fiancée) is the Bachelor [Tangent: ...and it's sister series
(Bachelorette) and its dru...

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Poshmark vs ThredUp review part deux: adventures in second hand revisited
Recently I realized that this post that I wrote over a year ago about the resale sites/apps Poshmark and Thredup were getting a lot of new views, so I thought maybe it deserved a revisit [Tangent:...or maybe not...but that's up to you to decide. You can rea...

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My podcast debut
I really don't like the sound of my own voice...which is weird because I talk incessantly. As with most of my irrational fears or insecurities, I like to pretend they don't exist. [Tangent: Like my fear that the holocaust is going to happen again or my stro...

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Thanks Goodreads for making me Read stuff
So I make a lot of promises and don’t always make good on
them. I know this about myself. It’s not always a lack of commitment (though
sometimes it is)- it is often just I get distracted by a shiny object or
over-commit myself or go all in on a passing fanc...
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