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Walt Disney World Resort
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Theres lot of people that go there
I wish some one takes me there
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Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, FL 32830
Amusement Park, Theme Park
Walt Disney World Resort has the magic of Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, Disney's Blizzard Beach and Magic Kingdom!
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Well-known attraction comprising large resorts, dining, shops & 4 theme parks with rides & shows.- Google
"I love Disney fave ride big thunder mountain."
"I Loved Splash mountain And Space Mountain!"
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WILLIAM MARQUEZ's profile photo
3 weeks ago
Nothing better in my life so far. It's not the same amazing service when I first went to Disney way back when. But some employees are still doing an amazing "magical" job. Wish all were employees were like they used to be when it first started. This 5 star scale can't measure up this Disney product since nothing like it exists. You are guaranteed a great experience and they will make it up to you if it's not.
Katye Long Chwala
2 months ago
I took my 16-month-old baby a month ago, and we had a fabulous time! We did Magic Kingdom first thing in the mornings before it was too crowded, then we would go to Epcot or Animal Kingdom in the afternoon. I wasn't sure what to expect with my little guy being so young, but I found it truly is magical for everyone from young to old! We stayed at All-Star Movies Resort, which was great for toddlers, and very affordable. We didn't do MGM Studios though because there aren't a lot of slow-moving rides there, and we don't have the attention span yet for the longer shows. Maybe next year. Such a great bonding experience though for mom and son!
• • •
RandomCreations4Fun :D's profile photo
RandomCreations4Fun :D
in the last week
ABRIDGED REVIEWS: NOTE: THIS REVIEW IS A JOKE, DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! So Pizza Hut was OK, but then the special sauce kicked in, but when I ran into the bathroom, WHOAAA, a Ninja blocked my path. DAM NINJAS, I screeched bleeping myself, then I quickly grabbed my taco I got from Taco Bell, I was there before Pizza Hut, and at McDonalds before Taco Bell. I'm on a fast food marathon thank you gents. So I threw my taco at him, but like a boomering, it flew back and hit my face, dripped into my shirt, and smeared all over. The Ninja ran towards me just as an employee carrying a Pizza Hut box with a Pizza in it walked into the bathroom. I ducked, and the Ninja hit him instead, the Pizza flew into the air, and hit me in the chest, this time it smeared all the way from my shirt into my pants. Then the secret sauce started taking effect. I ran into an empty stall after knocking out the Ninja on the floor from his tackle. I walked out of the bathroom of course with food all over me from various restaurants, and security escorted me out. I was walking on the parking lot now when birds starting flying at me from all directions ATTACKING ME. AGHRRR! I QUICKLY RAN INTO THE BUSHES, BUT THEN IT GOT STUCK TO MY FACE, I didn't know what to do, i couldn't see with the bush stuck on my face. Then the bees came NOT THE BEES, GOSH NOT THE BEES!!!!!! Then they picked me off the ground and flew me around, then dropped me. I WAS FALLING. The chicken nuggets and french fries in my pockets flew out while I was falling, and when I hit the ground hard, THUD, they got stuck to me. I got up to find that I was in the entrance of Disneyland! I went and paid for a ticket, then I walked in and.... I AS ESCORTED OUT for "Bringing food" into the park. And that's why Disney Land SUCKS!
• • •
Sue Harrison's profile photo
Sue Harrison
a week ago
Why can't I get in on this gps? Can't someone upgrade the gps where I can get into walt disney world resort and see everything? Can't you?!
Walter Emmett
a month ago
WDW has long been our favorite destination. We started going when our first child was 18 mos old and continued almost every year after that. Each time the prices were higher and higher until they now have eliminated people like us who helped make this place what it is, but you have really done it this time Disney. Making 250 employees train immigrants from India and then firing the Americans and hiring the cheaper help. Your corporate greed is DISGUSTING. I have visited your parks for the last time and I hope everyone reading this will boycott you. It is not the government who has destroyed this country, it is companies like you. Mr. & Mrs Emmett
• • •
Christofer Hardy's profile photo
Christofer Hardy
a month ago
The happiest place on earth can get very tiring in the Florida humidity and heat. My family showed up just after the rope fall and the park was already swamped. If you are going to the Magic Kingdom make sure you get your fast passes taken care of before you arrive at the park, as well as any restaurant reservations you want. If you wait until you get to the park you will spend most of your time just standing. We started hitting our fast passes, which means we were running from tomorrow land to frontier land. We then stopped at Be Our Guest and lucky they had a spot open, so we sure there. From there we started to just consume what fast passes we could and then standing in line for an hour for the seven dwarves mine roller coaster. By the time the parades started we were pretty exhausted so we hit the shops and started heading back to the hotel Overall a fun experience, just wish we had more time and money to experience it in less of a rush.
• • •
LaRavia Davis's profile photo
LaRavia Davis
2 weeks ago
Visiting Disney World is the most magical vacation a person could ever go on. It is located in Orlando, Florida. The parks are filled with entertainment, rides, food, and the happiest people. Disney World has been open since the 1970s and has improved ever since. Disney offers all sorts of enjoyable entertainment for all families. Need a place to stay? Disney also offers a collection of resorts and hotels that fit the needs for all kinds of families. Each resort varies, in price, from expensive to a reasonable price for a certain budget. Even though each resort has a different theme for example, the all-star sports resort, they all share one thing in common, making dreams come true. It is like a daily reminder that you are staying at the most magical place on earth. The resorts even have transportation from the hotel to a park of a visitor’s choosing such as Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or even EPCOT. Most people would prefer to stay in Cinderella’s Castle located in the center of Magic Kingdom. It is the ultimate dream, but it is an exclusive place to stay. Disney World is filled with so much entertainment. Families who visit never have a dull moment. Everyday there is a new adventure that occurs at the magical place of Disney World. The new adventures could be parades or even the fireworks show held every night right on the wonderful Main Street. The parades contain extravagant costumes, everyone’s favorite characters, and the most amazing dancers. The fireworks show is a sight to see as well. People will start to crowd around quite early, so make sure to rush and get a good spot. There are also special effects added to the show such as fire shooting from the castle, street projections, and the fabulous Tinkerbell flying from Cinderella’s Castle. Main Street never fails to show how magical Disney World is. The rides at Disney World are full of great detail, animation, and are very easy to fall in love with. One of the most popular rides to enjoy is “It’s a Small World.” This ride is one of the oldest rides in the park, and people from all over the world claim that it is one of their favorites. The only down side about the rides in Disney World is the amount of time spent waiting to ride a certain ride. Patience is key, so find a distraction to break focus on the amount of time being killed by waiting in line. There are also long lines to get a picture with the most popular characters like Mickey, Minnie, Elsa, Anna, Prince Charming, and Cinderella. Make sure to be the first in line to capture the moments with these characters, because they will go on break, no matter how many people are remaining in line. Feeling hungry? Do not worry. There are food stands around the whole park! The quality of the food is really delicious and comes at a reasonable price, at times. Sometimes a person can feel like they are being overcharged for water, especially in the summer. Florida is one of the sunniest states, so keep in mind that water is really important. The park does not allow outside food or drinks. If a person is really on a budget he or she should consider putting the food or drink into a extra bag, that is not mesh or see through, and putting that bag inside the bag that he or she is carrying into the park. If a person is on a diet, do no go to Disney World. There is no such thing as a diet in Disney World! There are all sorts of sweets and candy that can pick and choose from. A person can literally gain about a good five pounds when he or she goes to Disney World. Disney World is a great place to expand one’s imagination. It is truly a place where dreams come true. It is the perfect vacation spot for the whole family. Disney World has nothing but endless amount of opportunities, great memories, magic, and unbelievable possibilities.
• • •
Mike Greco
a week ago
I been going to Disney World since I was 7 years old. Now I am 37 have been there over 33 times. I now have three little girls and plane to go another 33+ times. Disney, if you let it, truly is an escape from the craziness of the rest of your life and a great place to spend time with family. Worth every last dime.