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Film depicting my few paintings

I want a neighbour with a cat to hug, please let me know

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Kinesin is a protein that moves things around the cell. That filament is a protein strand that gives the cell structure. That vesicle is a big blob full of cellular product that the cell wants to transport somewhere else. It is driven by ATP hydrolysis.

#Biology   #GIFs   #ScienceEveryday  

Animated Photo

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A short Jetty

A long walk and a short Jetty ....

After a long walk to the end of the path and slowly making our way back again, we came to the small jetty close to the bridge. One of the last shots of the day, and the fog seemed to be getting even thicker. The sun is getting quite high in the sky, but is now completely obscured and is struggling to make any inroads.

#visitnsw #visitsydney #sunrisephotography #seeaustralia #visitsydney #yarramundi #fog #mist
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#BTPLandscapePro+BTP Landscape Pro . founded by +Rinus Bakker , owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Nancy Dempsey
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The Famous Five
"Born to be Wild"
by Alan MacKenzie
Sussex, England, UK

(2048 x 1290)
Copyright © 2014 – Alan MacKenzie  

#Animals  #deer  #Nature
#wildlife  #fallow-deer  #UK
#daffodils  #sussex  #wild  
#forest  #spring  #fallow
#backlighting  #woodlands
#landscape  #flowers  #light      
#AlanMacKenzie  #England    

Location: Sussex, England, UK

Uploaded: March 21, 2014

Camera Data
Camera: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
Aperture: ƒ/4.0
Exposure: 1/320 s
Focal Length: 500.0 mm
ISO Speed: 400
Flash: Off, did not fire

© Alan MacKenzie's website:

 File: (1469) 

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